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【D10e】 TravelBlock (Travel Block) – Project providing the best travel plan –

Crypto Times participated as an official media partner at the conference called d10e this time in Maihama.

Various projects including NYNJA etc. that we introduced at the Crypto Times were participating in this conference.

Message application Application interview to NYNJA (Ninja) – CRYPTO TIMES

Among them, I will introduce the project called TravelBlock (Travel Block) which declared to destroy the existing mechanism of a travel agency (Online Travel Agent: hereinafter OTA) was interesting.

While briefly explaining the mechanism of conventional OTA, we will introduce the mechanism and features of this project.

The structure of a conventional travel agency

Since Expedia was established in 1996, for 22 years OTA was established by the mechanism provided by Expedia.

I tried to make a figure, but in this case there is almost no possibility that ordinary users can book a hotel with a price less than $ 500 presented by Expedia .

On the other hand I wrote as a premium user against a regular user, but these users earn the right to stay at this private price by paying thousands of dollars for the hotel, so a small number of limited users Only this price is offered to the system is provided.

By issuing tokens and building up a new economy, TravelBlock makes it possible to offer hotels at a private price even for general users .

A new mechanism realized by TravelBlock

I mentioned earlier that OTA such as Expedia, which the general user recognized as the lowest price, was actually not the lowest price but Expedia was only the price contracted with the hotel side.

However, using the TravelBlock website, all users will be able to book and stay hotels at a private price.

To be precise, purchasing tokens leads to forming a closed consumer group by users, allowing TravelBlock to sign a cheaper and more agreed hotel .

We believe that this system is a mechanism that we could never do in the traditional OTA model unless we issue a token.

Features of TravelBlock

Beta website

Basic service as a travel agency

As with conventional OTA, services related to various trips such as airline tickets and car rental are provided from hotel reservation.

Although it seems difficult to acquire users by issuing ICO and issuing a token, it seems that it corresponds also to the settlement with credit card.

You can make reservations for hotels, airline tickets, etc. 24 hours a day, 365 days on a website, not on your own platform.

TravelBlock proprietary service

I wrote as credit card transaction, but TravelBlock will purchase tokens with credit card and make hotel reservations.

By holding this token you can make a reservation at a price that is 30 to 60% cheaper than usual at the private price .

When booking, the difference between Private price presented by TravelBlock and the public price provided by eight OTA companies such as Expedia is displayed, so you can check at a glance how much you are profitable.

Discussion on TravelBlock

I think that the evaluation differs greatly depending on the viewpoint seen, so I would like to consider from each standpoint.

General consumer

The hotel which was $ 500 by Expedia so far will be $ 300, so you can think that it is not complaining.
As a problem, how the reservation flow becomes “CREKA -> virtual currency -> reservation” how to adapt to different regulations and tax systems depending on each country, how well the image and impression of the consumer’s cryptocurrency are successfully given I want to pay attention to the part that I can do.

cryptocurrency investor

We are introducing block chains to tokens, but have not been able to fully exploit features such as transparency and tampering not so well? It is a product which is not amusing even if there is a person who thinks.
However, since already moving products are completed and the number of users is large, considering the spread to the majority, it may not be bad to start in early stages.

Business side

On the management side, on a new economic model that issued tokens, we will create a model of WIN-WIN that solves the problem that could not be solved (in terms of ROI) by dropping prices in conventional Expedia Especially succeeded.
I think that it is a very well thought out model if we look only at the point where we can provide services that are sufficiently satisfying for consumers and management sides.

Personal opinion

In terms of issuing tokens using block chains, I think that it is one way of enjoyment that sticks to a big point such as innovation and I think that it is a criterion of evaluation, but in the end it will be on a large scale satisfying more people I think that it is the business that survives what wins WIN – WIN survive.
In that sense TravelBlock is also inferior to Token economics, but I think that it will be named as a more practical product.


While participating as an official media partner to d10e, I introduced TravelBlock thought from a vector called business, which is different from a product that blindly follows a little innovation.

I usually heard about just about technology and innovation, so that? Although there was also a part thought, it is an image that many products were considered on the whole from consumer viewpoints.

I think that it was a good opportunity to revise the dualistic way of thinking that it is dispersive, transparent, and traceful because it is good , and it is evil because they are not fully utilized .

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