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【Easy 3 minutes】 Registering a bit trade (BitTrade) · How to open an account Summary!

【Easy 3 minutes】 Registering a bit trade (BitTrade) · How to open an account Summary!

BitTrade (Bit Trade) is an exchange that can trade cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (Bitcoin), cryptocurrency such as Ethernet, ripple, monacoin.

As the advertisement tower is handed down by a celebrity actor (Ruriko Kojima), many people are recognized and become a popular exchanges.

Of course, because the registration of the Financial Services Agency’s cryptocurrency exchange trader has also been completed , it is a reliable service.

This page introduces the new registration method to BitTrade and the security setting method you want to know at a minimum.

If you proceed with the registration procedure, you will complete the registration process in about 3 minutes. If you do not have an account yet, please register at this opportunity!

Easy 3 STEP! Registering BitTrade · How to open an account

I will explain how to register to BitTrade.

Let’s start with BitTrade’s website and proceed with account opening procedure.

Enter an email address to apply for account creation

BitTrade registration

When you open the BitTrade site, there is a form to enter the mail address on the top page. Please enter your e-mail address for account opening and click on member registration.

BitTrade account opening

Let’s check the registered mail when switching to this screen.

Create BitTrade account

Open the mailbox of the email address you entered. From the e-mail address [email protected], an e-mail with the title “【BitTrade】 Thank you for applying for opening a new account” has arrived.

Click on the link in the e-mail to proceed with the registration procedure.

BitTrade Mail authentication

Clicking the link of the mail opens the password setting screen. Let’s enter the password and click the register button.

About the strength of the password
In order to prevent the password from being decrypted, it is recommended to use the one created at the password generation site. Do not use the same thing as other sites and services even if you make a mistake.

Enter basic information such as name and address

BitTrade personal information

After setting the password, enter basic information such as name, date of birth, address and so on.

In registering, I am submitting a driver’s license etc. as an identity confirmation document, but please note that the address you enter here is the same as the identity confirmation document.

Purpose of the transaction

Next is the purpose of the transaction, the choice of occupation. It is necessary to check that it is not a foreign official person.

BitTrade content confirmation

When the input is completed, the last confirmation screen will be displayed, so let’s check if the contents are correct. If there is no problem, click the register button.

BitTrade provisional registration

Upon completion of input of basic information, next we will upload the identity confirmation document.

Direct upload of identity confirmation documents


The final step in opening an account is to submit the identity confirmation document. We will shoot and upload your identity confirmation documents as in the picture.

About uploading photos
People registering from a PC, let’s take in photos in advance. Shooting with smartphones is fine as long as the letters and pictures described in the document are clear.

Do not forget the basic security settings!

Once you have completed the registration process, please also set basic security settings.

We also recommend setting security securely to protect assets.

Setting 2-Step Authentication (2FA)

First of all it’s setting up two-step authentication. Two-step authentication is a function to request input of a security code etc. in addition to ID / password, and to restrict whether to log in with smartphone etc. It leads to illegal access prevention.

BitTrade 2-Step Authentication

Click the security in the sidebar and click the setting button for two-step authentication.

BitTrade 2FA setting

If you read the QR code with a special application and enter the authentication number, two-step authentication is completed.

All data in the application will be lost, such as when deleting the application by mistake.

In order not to be locked out in such a case, please make sure to back up screenshots etc. of QR code.

Configuring SMS authentication

BitTrade SMS authentication

BitTrade can also set SMS authentication.

After entering the phone number, enter the number that arrived at SMS and the setting is completed. As with 2-step verification, transition from sidebar security to setting screen.

BitTrade SMS settings

Let’s enter the phone number and wait for SMS to arrive.

After entering the number that arrived at SMS at the site, SMS authentication is completed.

What is BitTrade? Recheck the characteristics of the exchange · reputation!

BitTrade registration

BitTrade Features Summary
  • Alto coin handling is abundant
  • Ripple, it is possible to order limit etc.
  • Security measures are thorough

Alto coin handling is abundant

There are 6 kinds of currencies handling, and there are abundant types of alto coins.

There are few domestic exchanges dealing with ripples and light coins, so it is recommended for those who want to buy and sell these currencies.

Handling currency list of BitTrade
  • Bitcoin BTC / JPY
  • Ripple XRP / JPY
  • Light coin LTC / BTC
  • Monacoin MONA / BTC MONA / JPY
  • Bitcoin cache BCC / BTC BCC / JPY

Ripple, it is possible to order limit etc.

BitTrade can buy ripple (XRP) as a limit. Buy it cheaply, sell higher. Moreover, the identity verification is quick. Registered on January 4th, personal information confirmation on January 5th. I received an e-mail saying that I sent an address confirmation postcard on January 9 of the next business day, it arrived within the day. https://t.co/ENXLWjP4nX https://t.co/BZiBkpAkvt

– Happy Happy Agency (@ HappyHappyGK) January 9, 2018

BitTrade can order popular alto coins such as Ripple (XRP) and Ethicalam (ETH) with limit price.

Services that can purchase ripples include coin checks, but it will be purchased from the sales office.

The difference between the limit and the sales office has a big difference in the fee, so you can purchase it at a limit price more cheaply.

For BitTrade, the fee ranges from 0.25 to 0.7%, but it costs about 3% for bitFlyer etc.
(Since the fee changes day by day, it is a guide only)

Security measures are thorough

BitTrade Security

BitTrade is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a rich security .

In addition to the two-step certification and SMS authentication we have already introduced, we are implementing security measures by introducing Google’s spam / bot authentication system and multisig .

It also has merits with the company FXTF (FX Trade Financial) which can do FX and binary, and users benefit from know-how and technology related to FX in exchanges’ systems .

Basic information on BitTrade

Company site https://bittrade.co.jp/
Operating company Bit Trade Co., Ltd.
BitTrade Co., Ltd.
Street address Mita Kawasaki Building 4F, 2-11-15 Mita Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073
representative Ryo Amami
Capital 315.8 million yen (including reserve)
※ As of the end of June, 2018
Establishment September 2016
Registration Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00007 (cryptocurrency exchange industry)
Membership of professional institutions Japan cryptocurrency Exchange Association (JVCEA) regular members
Japan cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) regular members
General Association Fintech Association Venture Member

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