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【Emerging exchanges exclusively for FX transactions】 Features of BaseFEX · Registration method · How to use Summary!

BaseFEX , an emerging leverage trading cryptocurrency exchange based in the Seychelles Republic.

A UI / UX similar to BitMEX, a trading competition prepared with a total of 20 BTC prize money, etc., was also conducted in the past, and it is an exchange that attracts attention in the future.

This page summarizes the features of BaseFEX, registration method , basic usage like that .

Please check the latest noteworthy exchange information so that you will not miss the boom when you get in fashion !

What is BaseFEX? Introduce 5 features of the exchange!

First let’s check about the features of the exchange “BaseFEX”.

If you keep out the five features introduced here, you can roughly grasp what exchanges baseFEX is!

Features of BaseFEX
  • cryptocurrency FX exclusive exchange of the Seychelles Republic
  • We plan to deal with alto coin’s leverage transactions
  • It is similar to BitMEX and friendly
  • Taker fee 0.075%, Maker fee – 0.025%
  • Thorough security through beta testing

cryptocurrency FX exclusive exchange which can make leverage transaction based on Seychelles Republic

BaseFEX is a newly-established Bitcoin futures exchange registered in Seychelles. With the support of our highly professional development team, BaseFEX is offering incredible trading experience to global users.

baseFEX is a cryptocurrency exchange “leverage only” based in Seychelles Republic.

It does not correspond to spot trading at all.

With BaseFEX, we will set up leverage for 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, 5 times, 10 times, 25 times, 50 times, 100 times, and we will trade.

It is a high leverage unique to overseas exchanges .

We plan to deal with alto coin’s leverage transactions

Trading pair of BaseFEX

BaseFEX is also planning to deal with Alto coin’s leverage transactions sequentially.

Immediately after release, it was a pair of only BTC / USD, but ETH / USD is scheduled as the next pair of transactions.

The leverage upper limit of ETH / USD is scheduled to be 50 times .

Also, for virtual currencies other than ETH, there are no plans at the moment.

UI / UX which is similar to BitMEX and easy to use


As you can see from the image, the BaseFEX site is very similar to the BitMEX site popular as the cryptocurrency FX exchanges .

It is also a feature of BaseFEX that even those who used BitMEX have become friendly UI / UX.



In order to make it easier to acquire new users, I do not think or think that I’m daring to imitate UI / UX …

Taker fee is 0.075%, Maker fee is minus 0.025%

Trade fee
Taker fee
(Order to be ordered)
Maker fee
(Limit order)
BaseFEX 0.075% -0.025%
BitMEX 0.075% -0.025%

When you do business with BaseFEX, the commission fee is 0.075% for Taker fee and minus 0.025% for Maker fee .

This is exactly the same as BitMEX.

Since the limit order is a minus fee , there is no transaction fee at all as long as you are trading the limit price each time!

The preliminary recruitment beta test perfectly matches security

Check it out: https://t.co/BKCkb8cocn The official launch of BaseFEX 4th round of trading competition for Beta Test ended today. 10 winners for the 20 BTC prize arrangement. 20, 2018 12: 00 UTC + 00. Stay tuned.

– BaseFEX (@BaseFEX) December 18, 2018

In BaseFEX, beta testing has been repeated many times before the official release, especially security measures have been thoroughly implemented.

As you can see from the official Twitter here, it is understood that the beta tests were done in all four times, and thorough adjustment has been done to the details.

Of course, customer’s currency is kept in cold storage and multi-sig is also introduced.

Thorough explanation of how to register BaseFEX · account opening!

Let’s actually check how to register BaseFEX and how to open an account.

If you proceed with the following procedure, you can complete the registration in about 3 minutes!

New registration · Account creation is very easy


Let’s start by accessing the BaseFEX site.

When you move to the top screen of the official page, proceed to registration from the “Register” button in the upper right.


E-mail, password, nickname will be input in order.

Please select “Japan” in the “Country” field.

Check “I accept the Terms of Service” and click “REGISTER” at the bottom.

Please set the password with at least 10 letters using at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, and each one of numbers and symbols.

Passwords are powerful things!
Setting a password to be effective is one of security measures that can be done by the user side. Let’s set up esoteric things using password generation site.

Authenticate registered e-mail address


When entering basic information and clicking “Register”, it automatically transits to picture code input screen.

Since the pass code should have been sent to the registered E – mail address, let ‘s enter that code.

Set up 2-step verification


When code authentication with e-mail is completed, it automatically switches to 2-step authentication setting screen.

First, let’s take a note of the recovery code described in Step 1.

If you lose this code, it takes time and effort to unlock it.

Scan the QR code of Step 2 using a two-step authentication application.

After entering the 6-digit code displayed in the 2-step verification application, initial registration is complete with this.

About backup
It is recommended that you take a screenshot and back up it, including the backup code and QR code of Step 1. Of course, please keep the image file in a safe place.

Let’s remember how to manage assets with baseFEX

Once registration is completed, the transaction is finally started.

Let’s start with basic asset management procedures such as deposits and withdrawals.

Cash management with BaseFEX
  • Procedure of deposit
  • Procedure of Withdrawal

Explain how to deposit (how to remit to baseFEX)

First of all, it is a method of depositing money to BaseFEX.

To do business with BaseFEX, you need to deposit cryptocurrency from another exchange or wallet.


Click “Account” in the upper left corner of the trade screen.


Deposit from “Deposit” in the menu on the left side of the screen.


Since the payment code will be displayed, you will send a Bitcoin to this code.

With baseFEX, both payment and remittance can be done in cryptocurrency only.

Please note that you can not withdraw or withdraw from Japanese yen.

Explain how to withdraw money (how to remit from baseFEX)

Next is the procedure of withdrawal.

Please be sure to check the flow of withdrawal as it is easy as it is easy to withdraw money smoothly after finishing the transaction.


Just as with the deposit procedure, you will move from “account” at the upper left of the screen to the account screen.


Please click “Withdraw” on the left menu when withdrawing money.


In the top entry field, enter the code of the remittee (withdrawal destination).

The next entry field is the number of Bitcoins to send.

After completing the input and clicking “Submit” below, the procedure of withdrawal is complete.

Let’s wait for transactions to be approved in the Bitcoin network.

Let’s master the trade screen, how to view and use the chart screen!

Finally, let’s check about the actual transaction method.

By checking this far, you should be able to trade smoothly.

How to use BaseFEX
  • How to read the chart · Functions you can use
  • Leverage setting
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrency

Introducing chart view and useful functions!

BaseFEX chart screen

The chart of BaseFEX is in the center of the screen.


You can change the display method by clicking on the part indicated by the red arrow part.

Basic chart display such as candlestick, moving average, area display etc. is covered.

The time axis can be changed between 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month.

Leverage can be set up to 100 times


With baseFEX you can set trade leverage up to 100 times.

Let’s select leverage values ​​from the “Your Position” column on the left side of the trade screen.

High leverage is high risk, high return. When leverage is applied, please set according to your own asset situation in a reasonable range.

Very easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency


To buy and sell the cryptocurrency, use “Place Order” at the center of the chart screen.


With baseFEX, you can do both limit orders and ordering.

To place a limit order, select the “Limit” tab and enter the order price in the first column and the trading quantity in the second column.

Also, in the case of a mandatory order, you can enter the trading quantity by selecting the “Market” tab.

Clicking “Buy” or “Sell” will finish sending the order.

Let’s make sure that the deal is concluded.

Let’s use “BaseFEX” emerging exchanges “attractive” for leverage transactions only!


BaseFEX is an emerging exchange, but as you can see from the five features of BaseFEX, it is an exchange that you can expect from the upcoming leap forward .

In addition, there are events held so that a total of 20 BTC prize money beta test trading competitions are held several times, and if it can get on well, it will be able to smile.

In order to prevent you from missing it as it goes fashionable , please make an account and try even a bit!

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