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【How to register Bit Bank Trade】 Complete thorough explanation of security setting!

ビットバンクトレード 登録

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) is an exchange that is drawing attention as exclusive to BTCFX.

It is an independent service from bitbank (bit bank) that can do spot trading, and you can do margin transactions and leverage transactions at bit bank trade.

In many cases, users of bitbank use it for margin transactions or leverage transactions.

In this article, I am summarizing the registration of the bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) , how to open an account, how to set security .

If you read this, you can now create an account in the Bank Bank Trade and prepare for the leverage transaction.

I show how to register a bank bank trade (betbank trade) · account opening!

Let’s start with a bitbank trade registration and account opening method. We will access the official site of Bit Bank Trade to create an account.

Temporarily register

Bit bank trade (bitbank trade) provisional registration

As soon as you access the site you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. Let’s click “Register” button when you enter.

About password setting
It is important to set the password to be powerful by using a password generation site etc. If you make a mistake, please do not use the same things as other services or obvious items such as name and birth date.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) mail address

When switching to this screen, confirm the mailbox of the registered mail address.

Perform full registration from registered e-mail address

Bit bank trade (bitbank trade) registration

When opening the registered mailbox, you should have received the mail titled “Registration Mail ■ Bit Bank Trade”.

Let’s click on the URL in the mail to proceed.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) Account registration

Please check the agreement items such as agreeing to terms of service.

Bit bank trading (bitbank Trade) transaction password

After you check the agreement, let’s enter the transaction password as it is required.

This password is different from the login password you registered earlier.

Let’s set the transaction password to be such an esoteric thing that will not be broken.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) account opening

The screen after registration is this home screen. The first basic registration is completed so far.

[Optional] Confirm identity

There is no confirmation of the identity of the bitbank trade, but when upgrading the account class, it is necessary to open an account at bitbank (bitbank) and verify the identity.

After verifying the identity at bitbank, the cooperation password will be issued, so you can upgrade your account class by registering it.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) Identity verification

In order to upgrade your account class, you will move from the menu account to the “About account class” screen. Let’s click “here” when moving.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) bitbank cooperation

Since there is a mouth for entering the cooperation password, let’s finish until the identity verification of bitbank and enter the cooperation password.

Do not forget the security setting of 2-step verification (2FA)!

When registration is completed, let’s also set 2-step authentication.

Since it is the strongest security measure at present, there is no hand to do.

Bit bank trade (two-step authentication)

To set up two-step authentication with a bit bank trade, click “Two-step verification” from the menu in the upper right.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) 2FA

Settings are made with “Google Autoneticator” or “IIJ SmartKey”.

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) QR code

After reading the QR code with the authentication application and entering the 6 digit number, the setting is completed.

What is a bit bank trade (bitbank trade)? Recheck the characteristics of the exchange · reputation!

Bit bank trade (bitbank Trade) account opening

Characteristics of bit bank trades Summary
  • Mid- to long-term trading exchanges
  • Fees are higher for those who want to make short-term transactions
  • Individual differences exist in the visibility of the chart

Suitable for medium to long term trading

【Rewrite】 bitbank Trade (bit bank trade)
Because there is no swap point, people who do not care about the time and want to have a long position are recommended!

· No proof
· Up to 20 times leverage
· Both building possibilities
· There is no swap point (borrowing fee)
· Transaction picture is light and easy to use https://t.co/yCOl0T4sB7

– Muscle (@ musclecrypto) April 9, 2018

The bitbank trade is suitable for medium to long term trading.

It is because there is no swap point and you can trade across days.

Commission is high for short-term trading

Bitbank Trade, surprisingly expensive commission … ….

– Nitta (@ ni 774 _) June 23, 2018

The bitbank trade has a commission of 0.01% which is slightly higher.

There are many impressions like this on Twitter.

Individual differences exist in the visibility of the chart

Everyone using bitbank trade (bitbank trade).
It rolls back at 6 o’clock today.
Take it on the exchange. . .
I get annoyed but I do not have it. . .
It seems to be restored around 16:30,
0330 You can be settled for positive people⁇ Besides, the chart delicate meat. . .
Well. Was it such a divergence? Htt Laughs: https://t.co/83THdwsy67

– KOJI OYA (@ prefla_koji) March 30, 2018

Slightly noticeable reputation such as “hard to see” “unusual” …

Since the chart is a part where preference is divided by people, it is recommended to try it once.

Basic information on bit bank trade

Company site https://www.bitbanktrade.jp/
Operating company Bit Bank Corporation
Street address KDX Nishi Gotanda Building 7F 20 – 9 Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
representative Representative Director and CEO Noriyuki Hiroyuki
Capital 1,131 million yen (including capital reserve)
Establishment May 2014
Registration Kanto Finance Bureau Director (cryptocurrency Exchange Agent) Registration Number No. 00004
Membership of professional institutions Block chain promotion association, cryptocurrency business study group

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