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【Latest version】 How to register · how to use Binance (Binance) Exchange Summary!

バイナンス 登録

Binance (Binance) is a cryptocurrency exchange that runs the world’s top with both popularity and popularity.

Although it is a relatively young exchange founded in July 2017, it has exceeded 6 million members in just about half a year since its release, making it one of the world’s leading exchanges.

It deals with over 150 kinds of alto coins, it is an exchange which is gathering support all over the world from the attractiveness such as easiness of trading with a smartphone application.

This page explains how to register such Binance, asset management , how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and so on.

If you read this, even if you are new to using overseas exchanges , you can quickly open an account in vinance and start trading.

Thorough explanation of how to register Binance (Binance) · account opening method!

I will quickly explain how to register Binance.

Let’s start by registering with Binance’s site.

New registration · Account creation is very easy

Create a binary account

You can create a new account from ” Create an Account ” in the center of the screen or ” Log In or Register ” in the upper right.

Binance account opening

Let’s enter the items (e-mail address / password) necessary for registration.

Finally click “Register”.

About password
Let’s set the password to cooperation / esoteric thing using a password generation site etc. Let’s not use what you are using for other services even if you make a mistake.

Binance new account

When this screen is displayed, confirm the mailbox of the registered mail.

How to register a bin

The approval link should have arrived in the mailbox.

Click the “Verify Email” button or the URL link below to proceed with registration.

Binance mail authentication

If a screen with “Account Activation Successful” appears, the process of creating a new account is over.

You can log in by clicking “Log In”.

Binance login

As you switch to this image screen, you enter your first registered email address and password and login to bin.

Binance Security

Let’s drag the lower slide bar from left to right and let the piece fit the hollow and complete the puzzle.

First time login

Let’s check each item by checking each item because there are five confirmation items and check all five.

This means that you have agreed to a security risk.

Click “I understand continue” to go to My Page.

Let’s also set basic security settings (2-step authentication setting)

Binance 2-Step Authentication

Since two-step verification is required at the end of registration, it is safe to proceed with setting as it is.

Two steps of Binance’s two-step authentication are available, Google Authenticator (application) and SMS authentication.

If possible, let’s set up a two-step verification of Google Authenticator at a minimum.

Binance SMS

After entering the phone number for SMS authentication, click “Send SMS”.

Since the authentication code will be sent to the smartphone’s SMS application, enter the authentication code and click “Submit” further.

This completes the setting of two-step authentication by SMS.

Binance Google Authenticator

Next is how to configure 2-step authentication with Google Authenticator. Go to the setting from the human type icon → “Account” in the upper right.

Binance security settings

Click “Enable” in Google Authenticator in the lower right corner of the page displayed in Account.

Binance 2FA

In order to set up this two-step authentication, installation of a special application is necessary.

Those who have already installed do not have a problem, but those who have not installed yet will download this opportunity.

When you are ready, go to “Next Step”.

Binance security measures

Launch Google Authenticator on your smartphone and load the QR code displayed on this page.

After loading is completed, click “Next Step”.

About backup of QR code
Two-step authentication is a strong security, but unless you back up the QR code here, you will be shut out yourself when you change the model. Be sure to take a backup by taking a screenshot of the QR code, for example.

【Google Authentication】 Backup method for a moment of time

Binance backup

Since the key number is displayed, let’s take notes. It is necessary to execute application authentication when changing model of smartphone.

If you do, you can restore your account either with the 2-step verification backup above or with this KEY.

It is safe to save both for just in case.

Binance Google Authenticator settings

Let’s enter the necessary items at the end. Your Google Authenticator configuration is complete.

[Optional] Cancel your withdrawal limit by verifying your identity

With the settings so far you can trade with Binance.

However, unless you submit your personal identification documents, the amount of money to be withdrawn per day will be limited.

It takes time to authenticate yourself, so let’s hurry up if you want to cancel the restriction.

Authentication is either a passport or a driver’s license.

Restriction by Binance with or without KYC
  • No personal identification: up to 2 BTC per day
  • With personal identification: Up to 100 BTC per day

Binance KYC

Just go to “Account” at the top right of the screen as well as 2-step authentication setting, and click “Submit Verification”.

Verify your identity

Select Personal (Personal) or Enterprise (Enterprise).

I think that most people are individuals here, so I will recommend an explanation about the individual.

Binance withdrawal of withdrawal limit

Enter the required information.

Let’s match what you enter so that the contents are the same as the confirmation documents you submit.

Information that needs to be input
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • Street address, building (Address)
  • Postal Code
  • City, state (City)
  • Country

For municipalities, prefectures, enter “Aoba – ku, Yokohama – shi, Kanagawa – ken”.

In the same way, we will enter the street address and building in reverse order of Japanese. Zip code is as usual and no problem.

Once you have entered all, go to “Begin Vertification”.

Bonance identity confirmation document

Click the start button for authentication “Start ID vertification”.

Binance identity photo

Upload your identity confirmation document from this screen and it is done.

Let’s choose either Passport or Driver’s license.

It is smooth if you import images such as passports into your computer before certification.

Let’s remember how to manage assets in Binance

From here we will explain Binance’s asset management.

Let’s master how to deposit and withdraw money!

Explain how to deposit (how to remit money to Binance)

Binance deposit

First, click “Funds” at the top right of the screen and move to the “Balances” page.

You can see the list of assets of the Binance account logged in on this page.

When you open the page, currencies are lined up, so click on the button of the target stock you want to operate. Select Deposit for deposit.

Here, we will recommend commentary on depositing BTC as an example.

Binance Deposit Bit Coin

Information on the payee’s address will be displayed.

From the remittance wallet or exchange, you can either read the QR code or copy the address and deposit it to Binance.

Let’s make sure that “currency remittance from outside” and “selected address” selected here are of the same cryptocurrency. For example, you need to deposit to BTC’s address if it is BTC. Transferring BTC to the ETH address will cause trouble.

Explanation on how to withdraw money (how to remit money from Binance)

Binance withdrawal

When withdrawing, select “Withdrawals”.

After you select the address of the withdrawal destination, enter the withdrawal quantity and click the “Submit” button, the withdrawal procedure / application with binning is completed.

In the case of dispensing for the first time, it is necessary to create “label / address of the destination of payment”.

What is a payment destination label
The label of the address of the withdrawal destination is for assigning a name so that you can know the address where that address is. It is convenient to name the exchange and name like “~ ~ Wallet”.

Let’s master trade screen · chart view · how to use!

Let’s look at how to deal with Binance (how to buy and sell cryptocurrency) when we can confirm the method of asset management.

We will conduct trading by looking at the trade screen and chart.

Introducing chart view and useful functions!

Binance chart

Select “Basic” from “Exchange” at the top left of the top page to display the transaction screen.

The red frame displayed in the center of the screen is the “chart” which is important in the transaction.

On the left side is a selling board (trading board), there is a menu for placing an order in the lower area.

Binance chart viewpoint

To change the currency you want displayed on the chart, click on the currency name in the right frame, it will be reflected in the chart.

If you want to change the time frame of the chart, let’s change it from the red frame on the upper left.

By the way, the image above is an hour chart.

Binance chart usage

For example, if you select “4H (4 hours leg)”, you can see that the display changes.

Very easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency

How to buy Binance

First is the limit order (Limit). The limit order is a transaction that you can enter the amount and number you desire.

However, since transactions are not immediately established, those who are not yet familiar with it need attention.

After entering the necessary items, please click “Buy” or “Sell” and wait for the promise.

Binance how to sell

Next is a market order (Market). A sales order is a transaction to be matched with an order placed on a sales board, and if you input the desired number of copies, the transaction is established immediately.

Click here after entering necessary items and click “Buy” or “Sell” to make a contract.

Bonus deal

Finally it is a stop limit order (Stop-limit).

The stop limit order is a function of “issuing new limit orders automatically” when the “trigger price” is set and the trigger price is reached.

It is effective when you want to suppress the risk of “selling coins if it falls to here” as a usual way to cut losses.

Since it is a fairly convenient order system when you can master it, you will expand the range of trading if you get used to it.

Let’s also use Advanced mode

Binance advanced mode

The previous transaction screen was Basic and it was a white screen. Binance also has “Advanced”.

Like Basic, you will move from “Exchange” on the upper left.

Binance Advance Usage

The screen is black with a background, it looks more professional. The biggest difference with Basic is that the indicator can be used.

An indicator is a tool to use when predicting trading.

Compared to Basic, if you do more serious deal, Advanced is recommended.

Summary – Let’s start trading with Binance!


Binance is the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange boasting the world’s most trading volume.

You can trade with you easily because there are abundant currencies to use and there are smartphone apps.

When registering, it is recommended that you have completed settings such as 2-step verification and identity verification properly.

By doing these settings you will be able to trade with confidence.

Let’s arrange the environment properly and enjoy trading at Binance!

Basic information of Binance Conclusion

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