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【Preserved version】 How to register GMO coins Summary! Comment up to account opening / initial setting

GMOコイン 登録

GMO coins are exchanges that can do leverage transactions in addition to spot trading.

There is a characteristic that the reputation of easy-to-read chart and easy-to-use smartphone is good.

In this article, we will introduce how to register and open accounts for such GMO coins and how to set security first at first.

If you read this, beginners can apply for registration to GMO coins immediately and complete basic security settings.

What is GMO coin? Reconfirm the characteristics · reputation of the exchange before registering!

First of all, let’s keep in mind about basic GMO coin features before registering.

It is important to understand the characteristics of the exchange properly before using it.

The application is easy to use

GMO coin first experience.
The smartphone is too easy and dangerous. . . pic.twitter.com/OqdhcBQDK 5

– DEG (@ DEG_2020) November 8, 2017

The GMO coin has released “cryptocurrency FX application bitre”.

It is a feature that the reputation of the application is high in criticism if it can easily date with a smartphone application.

Commission is cheap

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, GMO coin! ! https://t.co/EfbPzJANuQ
There is no fee. No deposit fee. There is also no withdrawal fee for cryptocurrency.

– TH (@ Arithmetic 1) September 21, 2018

GMO coins are many transactions free transactions, there are many people who use the benefits there.

However, in reality there are spreads, which are close to real transaction fees.

What is Spread
Spread refers to the difference between the bid and ask prices.

Spread is narrow

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency, GMO coin! ! https://t.co/EfbPzJANuQ
There is no fee. No deposit fee. There is also no withdrawal fee for cryptocurrency.

– TH (@ Arithmetic 1) September 21, 2018

The GMO coin is characterized by this spread being overwhelmingly narrow compared with other exchanges.

The spread of many exchanges is roughly 5%, but the GMO coin is unified to at least 500 yen in transactions of Bitcoins, which is beneficial to users.

However, it depends on the market price, so please be careful.

Easy 3 STEP! GMO coin registration · Account opening method

Let’s actually see how to register GMO coins and open accounts.

I will access the GMO coin site to create an account.

Register e-mail address and apply for account opening

Open GMO coin account

There is a link to opening an account when accessing the site of GMO coin.

Let’s start by clicking here.

GMO coin mail address

You can register with an email address or proceed with opening an account if you have a Facebook or Google account.

GMO coin registration

Since the mail should have arrived when switching to this screen, I will move to the mailbox.

Start book registration from delivered mail

Create GMO coin account

When you open the registered mailbox, you have clicked on it because the URL has arrived.

GMO coin book registration

Register the password.

About password
Let’s make the password complex so as not to be easily broken. It leads to unauthorized login. It is recommended to make esoteric things at the password generation site.

GMO coin password

After switching to this screen, password setting is completed.

Click “Go to login screen” to log in.

GMO coin login

Let’s log in with the e-mail address and password you registered earlier.

Register personal information

The basic registration has been completed so far, but it is not in a state where you can still deal.

We will continue to register personal information. The information to register is as follows.

Personal information and items necessary for registration
  • name
  • Birthday
  • sex
  • Postal code
  • Street address
  • phone number
  • Purpose of trading
  • Profession
  • Country of Citizenship

Then I will upload the identity confirmation document.

GMO Coin Identification

Valid as documents for identity verification are driver’s license, health insurance card, My number and so on.

Let’s take a picture with a smartphone and prepare for uploading.

GMO Coin Identification Documents

Until submission of the identity confirmation document is completed, documents for opening an account are mailed at the end.

Enter the account opening code included in the mailed document and complete all registration.

Do not forget to strengthen security with 2 step verification after registration!

When registration is completed, let’s set up 2-step verification and strengthen security.

Two-step authentication is to set up that you can not log in without entering the authentication code sent to SMS at login.

In GMO coins, setting is required when logging in for the first time, so let’s set up 2 step verification by SMS.

GMO coin 2-step verification

Since authentication by phone number is required, I input and receive the code.

GMO coin SMS

Let’s check the phone number you entered and send the code.

GMO coin security

Enter the authentication code received via SMS and complete 2-step verification.

GMO coin security setting

Authentication is completed if you can check this screen.

Basic information on GMO coins

Company site https://coin.z.com/jp/corp/about/company/
Operating company GMO Coin Co., Ltd.
Street address Shibuya Infostaya 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
representative Hideyuko Takashima
Capital 1.758 billion yen (including reserve)
Establishment October 2016
Registration Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00006 (cryptocurrency exchange industry)
Membership of professional institutions Japan Funds Settlement Industry Association
Japan cryptocurrency Business Operators Association
Japan Block Chain Association

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