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【With image】 Complete explanation on how to install / use Bibox application!

bibox アプリ

Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in China in November 2017 and the future growth has been drawing attention.

Bibox releases its own application, and you can smoothly perform cryptocurrency transactions using the application.

This page summarizes how to install and use such a Bibox application .

If you read this, you will be able to use Bibox application right away.

Let’s remember the features and caveats of Bibox

Let’s first check the features and notes of Bibox’s app!

If you understand the characteristics, you can use it more safely.

Characteristics and caveats of Bibox’s application
  • The screen of the application is easy to see and use
  • When logging in, enter the PW manually every time
  • Pay attention to counterfeit · fake apps

The application is easy to use · Easy to read · reputable

Bibox of the new exchange, registered. The app is very easy to see here. Purchase $ BIX for your own token and $ ITC for a little while now.

– Virtual Nyanko HIRO @ airdrop (@ Crypto_singer) January 9, 2018

Applications of bibox, issue quantity and ico price are supposed to come out. Convenient.

– Shingo (@ boboriano 0721) March 6, 2018

The Bibox application has a reputation that the price of each cryptocurrency is easy to see and easy to use .

On the smart screen, it is also possible to enlarge the chart that tends to be small, it is optimized as a trading application for smartphone, it is very easy to use.

It also has a function to display the difference between the average price of yesterday and the current transaction amount in percent, and it is exactly right!

It is very troublesome that copying can not be used at login …

The bibox application, the password can not be pasted when logging in and it packs up …

– Popeye (@popeye_horenso) January 29, 2018

When logging in with the application of Bibox, enter the registered e-mail address and password.

You can paste for email addresses, but you can not paste for passwords.

In other words, you must manually enter the password each time.

In consideration of security, I think that most people set long and complicated ones.

It is honestly troublesome to enter that password every time.

In the future, it may be improved depending on the user’s opinion, but at the moment there is only manual input.

Beware of fake apps and fake apps!

Although it is not limited to Bibox, the cryptocurrency related application has a lot of imitation / fake applications.

In the case of fakes, there are many cases in which such explanations are arranged such as “Bibox has been commissioned and developed to Japan”, but there are no facts that Bibox handed over the authority of application development to other companies.

By saying that it is an overseas exchanger, there are few Japanese information compared with the domestic exchange, and it tends to be misunderstood that the fake appli · fake application is genuine.

Be careful not to download from anything other than official.

How to downgrade the Bibox application (installation method) is easy!

If you can check the features of the Bibox application, let’s actually download, install and use it!

The Bibox application download completes in less than one minute.

Since downloading and installing methods are slightly different on iOS and Android terminals, please select your own terminal and read it.

Before downloading the application, please register from the official HP and set the mail address and password. If you register in advance, you can log in immediately after downloading the application.

【IPhone / iOS】 Download Bibox application from official website

Bibox applications can not be downloaded in Appstore.

You need to download from the Bibox site.

Bibox application iSO

When you access the official Bibox site from the iOS terminal, the Download button is displayed at the bottom of the screen, so download the application from here.

Bibox application iPhone

Since you can not open the application simply by downloading and installing it, you need to make settings easily.

Bibox application iOS download

Go from “Setting” to “General”.

Bibox application iOS settings

Since there is an item “Profile and device management”, tap here.

Bibox application iOS profile

Jixianyuan (Beijing) Intelligent Technology CO., Ltd Select item.

Bibox application iOS can not use

Tap on the blue link.

Bibox application iOS installation

Since it switches to a screen like an image, selecting “trust” will allow you to open the Bibox application.

【Android】 Download Bibox application from official website

The application of Bibox is not released on Google Plain.

Bibox application download Android

I download it from the official HP of Bibox.

Bibox application authentication

After downloading, you need to “allow installation of unknown application” from the installation.

First, tap “Settings” from the android home screen.

Bibox application Android setting

Go to “Start screen and security”.

Bibox application Android

When you slide to the lower side, there is an item “Allow installation of unknown provider”, so please switch to “ON”.

Now you can open the Bibox application.

Log in after installing the application

After successfully installing the application, let’s log in actually.

Enter the registered email address and password and complete login.

Log in after installing the application

After successfully installing the application, let’s log in actually.

Enter the registered email address and password and complete login.

Illustrate the basic usage of the Bibox official application!

Let’s check how to actually use the Bibox application while using the figure.

Every operation is easy, so you will be able to operate it as soon as you get used to it.

Explain how to deposit with Bibox application (send money to Bibox)!

Bibox application transfer

To proceed with deposit operation, first tap Funds at the bottom right of the screen.

Bibox application deposit

Switch to this screen, so tap Deposit in the upper left to continue.

Bibox application payment method

Since the currency list is displayed, let’s select the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit (transfer to Bibox from outside).

Here we will proceed with commentary as remitting Bitcoins (BTC).

If you select different currencies here, the cryptocurrency that you miswashed basically will not return to hand. Let’s make sure that the currency you want to send and the currency you want to receive are consistent.

Bibox application payment procedure

If you transfer the Bitcoin from outside to the displayed address, the deposit procedure to Bibox will be completed.

Either reading QR code or entering an address is OK.

Let’s wait for the block to be verified and approved.

Explain how to withdraw money from Bibox application (send money from Bibox)!

Bibox application withdrawal

We will start with Funds as well as when you deposit your money.

From the Funds screen, tap Withdrawal.

Bibox application dispensing method

Select the cryptocurrency to withdraw from the currency list screen.

Bibox application address

Tap + located to the right of the Address field.

Add Bibox application address

Enter Address and Remark and tap Save.

When withdrawing a Bitcoin, let’s check if Address is of Bitcoin.

If you enter addresses of different virtual currencies as well as when you deposit money you will be in trouble.

What is Remark?
It is like a label. Set something easy to understand like “My hardware wallet”.

Bibox application external remittance

Enter the amount of coins to be withdrawn in the Amount field.

Finally, tap on Withdrawal to complete withdrawal.

It is easy to see! Explain how to view the chart with the Bibox application!

Bibox Application Chart

Tap Markets on the bottom left to see a list of transaction pairs handled by Bibox.

It is possible to select the base currency on the upper tab.

View of Bibox application chart

Tap the cryptocurrency you want to view the chart.

Let’s see the USDT denominated Ethicalam (ETH) here.

Bibox application chart display

In this way, you can easily check the chart of each cryptocurrency.

Chart function list
  • Part of 15 min … Change of time frame
  • Part of MA … Change of indicator 1
  • Part of MACD … Change of indicator 2
  • Gear mark … setting of indicator
  • Rightmost enlargement mark … One screen display of the chart

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Bibox application is very easy

Bibox application trade

Tap on the lower left trade to move to the buying and selling screen.

How to buy Bibox app

Tap the abbreviation of the upper cryptocurrency and select the cryptocurrency you wish to trade.

To purchase, tap Buy.

In LimitOrder (Limit Transaction) enter the price for Price, Amount for purchase and tap Buy button below to purchase it.

Bibox application transaction

If you want to sell, tap Sell.

Enter the transaction price to Price, the amount to sell to Amount, tap the Sell button and the sale is completed.

In addition to Limit Order in Bibox ‘s application, you can also use the functions of Trigger Order and Iceberg Order.

For advanced users, let’s use it as you get used to it.

Order function of Bibox
  • Trigger Order … Trading function that issues orders when price reaches price
  • Iceberg Order … Transaction function to divide and display large orders

Summary – Let’s make a brief transaction from a smartphone using the Bibox application

Bibox application

Bibox application summary
  • You can deposit and withdraw from Bobox from smartphone, you can trade cryptocurrency
  • The UI of the application is easy to see and has a reputation for ease of use
  • It is troublesome to input the password expectation for future improvement …!

I have summarized the features and usage of Bibox’s application.

If you install the application, you can easily make deposits / withdrawals and transactions from the smartphone even on the road.

You can use crispy, and the chart is also very easy to see, so install it and there is no loss!

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