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5 reasons why Ripple XRP is still a good choic

5 reasons why Ripple XRP is still a good choic

Recently, Ripple has announced that it has entered into new partnerships with three crypto exchanges. The crypto exchanges are Bittrex, Bitso and Coin.ph. Partly as a result, the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP managed to recover from its recent low. On August 14, a ripple coin was worth $ 0.26. Even John Bollinger, the inventor of the “Bollinger Bands” in the charting technique, believed that soon all of Ripple XRP's HODLers would get cold feet. Bollinger assumed that the holders would quickly silver their Ripple XRP. He tweeted:

“XRPUSD crashed 90% … it's time to look for surrender marks.”

However, the ripple cryptocurrency was not easily beaten down. At press time, Ripple XRP returned to $ 0.34 and showed signs of recovery.

Why is Ripple XRP still a good choice?

There are five reasons for doing so.


The world is watching Bitcoin (BTC), the Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and “Bakkt”. Bitcoin is the star and has a market dominance of well over 50 percent. Everyone is waiting for Bitcoin to make the big splash. When it does, the other cryptocurrencies usually follow and rise even more than Bitcoin. For that reason, Ripple XRP is likely to outperform Bitcoin in relative terms. So if you hypothetically buy a $ 0.35 ripple XRP and it then rises to $ 0.90, you've made a profit of 164 percent. Bitcoin can not grow in value at the same time.


Ripple Labs has already convinced banks around the world that their solutions are faster and more efficient than traditional ones SWIFT system. As early as June, Brad Garlinghouse had told CNBC that dozens of banks would use ripple products by 2019. This includes xRapid, which is based on the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP. The demand for Ripple XRP will increase and with it the price.


Ripple enjoys the support of a unique community. This goes with Ripple through thick and thin. Recently, the community showed how proactive it is and asked the crypto exchange Binance to record Ripple XRP as its base currency. So the community also buys and keeps the Coin Ripple XRP and thus provides a stable base.


There are rumors that Ripple Labs plans to release three of its products, xVia, xRapid and xCurrent, to merge into a practical composite solution. This would serve as a coin for Ripple XRP in this solution, which should boost demand.


Many crypto friends see the current Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, as the real Satoshi Nakamoto at. Of course, if that were true, it would be a knighthood for Ripple XRP.


There's a lot to the cryptocurrency Ripple XRP. With all these good prospects, all Ripple XRP HODLers can look forward to the future.

5 reasons why Ripple XRP is still a good choic

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