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Ripple's XRP sales total is ¥ 120.0 billion, of which about 36% is on the exchang


Translating… Ripple(リップル)社の2016年第4四半期から2019年第2四半期までのXRP販売総売上高は約1240億円にのぼり、うち36%が取引所、64%が法人機関へと販売されていたことがThe Blockの調査からわかりました。 XRPの累積売上高 (2016 Q4 – 2019 Q2) | The Blockより 2019年第2四半期の売上は約273億円となり、前四半期に記録した過去最高四半期売上高を更新する形となりました。 提携先を広げ続けるRippleは、規制当局や金融機関と協力し、規制対応を徹底することで外国送金業界におけるXRPの信頼を築いています。 Ripple(リップル)CEOが米財務長官の会見内容にコメント「米国でのイノベーションを潰さないように」 記事ソース: The Block Author: Yuya【CRYPTO TIMES公式ライター】 – Source Post: http://destyy.com/w26e34 Disclaimer: CoinNewsDesk.com is a crypto news portal, financial discussion forum, and content curator/aggregator. Articles on ...

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Dogecoin ($ DOGE) is listed in Binanz


Dogecoin ($ DOGE), which appeared as the “Joke Currency” in 2013, was listed on the leading crypto asset exchange Binance . Although Binance has a listing policy to select promising currencies rich in technology and use cases, Dogecoin has been ...

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MatrixAI Network Launches Matrix 2.0 Green Pa


The MatrixAI Network team released the Matrix 2.0 Green Paper on July 1st. The Matrix team is a project that uses AI technology to solve four basic blockchain problems. The four challenges are scalability issues, security, ease of use, and ...

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Matrix AI Network June 2019 Activity Report


CRYPTO TIMES is currently releasing Matrix AI Network’s activity report on January 1st. This time, we will deliver a summary of the activity report issued in June. Technology development The Matrix team shares the progress of the mainnet, browser and ...

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