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A browser extension that can use Ethereal on Amazon is coming soon with Plasma Cash and TPS improvement

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Amazonでイーサリアムが使えるブラウザ拡張機能がじき登場 Plasma CashでTPS向上も

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CLIC, a provider of crypto asset payment services, announced that it will release a browser extension that can use Ethereal (ETH) for payment with Amazon, in collaboration with Opporty, who is developing blockchain infrastructure technology.

The technology can achieve a processing speed significantly higher than 300 Amazons per second by using Ethereal’s off-chain solution Plasma Cash, which could conventionally only deliver as much as 20 TPS (transactions per second). Says.

CLIC and Opporty are planning to develop a payment platform that can use not only ETH but also any ERC-20 and ERC-721 (non-alternative) tokens in the e-commerce area.

Wallets and payment providers that implement Layer 2 technology have recently begun to draw attention, as the movement to introduce major currencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium as payment instruments is thriving.

In Japan, there have been demonstrations using Bitcoin’s off-chain scaling technology and Lightning Network. In addition, recently, Recruit has invested in a wallet provider compatible with the technology.

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