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A criminal who stole a cryptocurrency from more than 50 people using SIM swap will be prosecuted

Coindesk reports that a 20-year-old man, who is said to have stealed the cryptocurrency using a technique called SIM swap on 4th this month, was prosecuted in the New York Supreme Court .

According to prosecutors in New York State, men’s charges range from theft of user information, theft, heavy theft, computer falsification, fraud charges and so on.

The name of the man is called Dawson Bakies and it is announced that she lives in Ohio. Mr. Bakies said that from October to December of last year more than 50 people stole the cryptocurrency using SIM swap.

What is SIM swap?
SIM swap is a method of transferring the phone number of another person to its own SIM card and illegally accessing personal information.

As a concrete technique, it was announced that the victim’s communication was guided to its own iPhone, illegally accessed to three Google accounts in Manhattan, accounts of the cryptocurrency exchange, etc., and the password was rewritten It is.

Even if only already known, the cryptocurrency equivalent to 10,000 dollars (about 1.1 million yen) from three victims is stolen, and it is expected that the actual amount of money will be further exceeded.

Prosecutors in New York states that suspects can take responsibility without fail, while also calling on mobile companies to improve security around SIM cards.

Article Source: CoinDesk, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office


The news that the SIM card is digitized is reported, but it seems to require thorough security measures first

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