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A puzzle with a prize of 215 million yen “Bitcoin challenge” is solved by someon

I found out that someone solved the puzzle “Bitcoin challenge” to find the private key of Wallet containing 310 BTC (equivalent to 215 million yen at the time of writing) from the image data.

On the website created on 2nd of this month by a person who calls himself Pip, there is a puzzle image showing something like cryptography and evidence showing that Wallet is real.

Images used for puzzles. The wallet’s private key provided by Mr. Pip is said to be hidden.

A person who seems to have succeeded in analyzing the image remitts 310 BTC which was included in the prize money wallet to three addresses on the tenth of this month. The identity of the winning prize and the method of analysis are not disclosed at all.

Pip’s website also has a section to answer questions about his identity and the motivation for this time.

Mr. Mr. who said he was mining from the early stage of Bitcoin says his asset is acting anonymously because the asset is too big.

“I can not say how much the total asset is, but I have as much as I do not have to worry about money anymore,” Pip said 310 BTC this time is the accumulation of many years of air drops I will.

Author: Yuya 【Coin Desk News】 – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/bitcoin-challenge-310btc-won-by-anonymous/

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