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Adopted by Mitsubishi UFJ's “MUFG Digital Accelerator” GINKAN Co., Ltd., offering Synchro Life in the 4th term

三菱UFJ主催「MUFG Digital アクセラレータ」第4期にシンクロライフを提供する株式会社GINKANが採択決定



Started investing in cryptocurrency in May 2017. To be attracted to the future of blockchains and virtual currencies, and to actively send information through the blog of the cryptocurrency enthusiast IT Lehman who works in Shibuya. Participate in ICO for the first time in June 2017, and be fascinated by the attractiveness of ICO, and actively invest in ICO. One of the Crypto Times operators. My favorite food is ramen and tamari.

Announced that the finalist 8 companies selected GINKAN Co., Ltd., which operates the token economy type gourmet SNS “Synchro Life”, for the “MUFG Digital Accelerator” 4th Program sponsored by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. Did.

Under this program, the MUFG Group will make a concerted effort to brush up business plans, support prototype construction, select partners in line with the direction of business plans, and take steps toward commercialization over approximately four months. The aim is to provide full support and work with entrepreneurs and start-up companies for the launch of new businesses.

MUFG Digital Accelerator official site: https://innovation.mufg.jp/accelerator/

In addition, in this accelerator program, not only GINKAN Co., Ltd., which provides synchro life from the block chain area, but also ICO will be implemented at the end of 2017, and token Wabi currently listed on Binance (currently, rebranding to Tael) Wabi Project PTE. LTD. Is also adopted by the 4th phase program .

Excited to share this. Will elaborate in due time.https: //t.co/yglPmAqzlr#TAEL $ WABI #Blockchain #Adoption pic.twitter.com/0YiFeIzCSv

— Tael (formerly WaBi) (@Taelpay) March 15, 2019

Article Source: MUFG Accelerator Program, Synchro Life Press Release

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