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Alpha version of “ALIS wallet” is released! Allows deposit and withdrawal of ALIS tokens on the PC site screen.



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On April 30, ALIS, which provides blockchain SNS, released “ALIS Wallet (alpha version).”

“ALIS wallet (α version)” can be linked with Metamask to deposit and withdraw ALIS token on the web service screen (currently supported only by PC).

ALIS also announced in the official Twitter that it plans to implement the wallet and the throwing coin ranking function in the future.

Today’s ALIS activities
– Testing the wallet feature
-Developing wallet & coin ranking function
– Discuss ALIS’s growth strategy
– Thinking about development milestones
-Updated the screen design of the throwing coin ranking
– Create ALIS Introductory Material #ALIS #Block Chain # Social Media

— ALIS (@ALIS_media) April 29, 2019

The other day, international mechanism “INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application ) which aims to spread of distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been founded by a total of more than 100 companies, such as Ripple and ALIS.

While there are many companies that have been known as founders of INATBA, there are only two Japanese blockchain companies, ALIS and BUIDL. (→ see details here)

ALIS, which is expected to be a company responsible for the spread of distributed ledger technology, is also drawing great attention as a platform that can solve the problems of existing media.

Can ALIS overcome the problems of existing media! ?

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