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Amex (Amex) announced that the demonstration experiment using Ripple (ripple) settlement technology was successful!

Carlos Carydo, general manager of Amex (American Express) , announced that he succeeded in demonstration experiments using ripple settlement technology.

According to Mr. Khalido who attended Wings of Change Europe 2018 held in Spain, in this demonstration experiment aimed at realizing real-time cross-border settlement between companies, the client got very from one place in the world to another one It seems that we were able to transfer funds in a transparent and seamless way in seconds.

Although it is said that it still takes time to reach practical use in the market, Mr. Khalid said “Block chain is very promising, digital will become mainstream in the future, and future prospects of block chain technology I mentioned the comment that I expected.

In addition, Mr. Khalid said on the view on American Express’s view on blockchain technology as follows:

Blockchain is absolutely an option we are looking at, “he said.” Just to give you a sense, we have invested in a FinTech lab based on blockchain technology, just to understand how to leverage this better.

“Block chains are one of the options we see and we invested in FinTech Lab based on block chain technology to find ways to make more efficient use of block chains.”

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