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Analyst says Bitcoin Tsunami (BTC) is imminent plus Ethereum (ETH), Ripple XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX) and Cardano (ADA) Updat


Bitcoin Tsunami
According to the analyst, many signs point to a further increase in Bitcoin's price

Here is a current overview of the topics that have moved the crypto world. Today, for example, it is about the expected price erosion of Bitcoin and Cardano's promise for Ethiopia.

Bitcoin Course

Cryptanalyst Murad Mahmudov has posted an exciting list on Twitter. This includes 20 reasons why Mahmudov foresees a “mega-monsoon” for bitcoin. He is probably referring to the scientific theory of an extreme seasonal wind reversal on the pristine Pangea. Understood as an “extreme trend reversal” in the crypto sector, in the opinion of Mahmudov, this can happen if the coin keeps its course in the middle of the 5000-USD range. In addition, Mahmudov said that the level between $ 5,450 and $ 5,500 confirms an uptrend. In addition, according to Mahmudov, following a long period of consolidation usually a rapid outbreak. That's why bitcoin buying can be worthwhile right now.

0/20. My list of 20 reasons why I think that 5450-5550 area holds its bullish & megamoonsoon is still on the table:

I repeat, IF, 5450-5550 area holds, THEN, it's quite bullish.

Saturday Megathread: pic.twitter.com/KBbMj8OdU9

– Murad Mahmudov 🚀 (@MustStopMurad) May 4, 2019

It also remains to be seen how the US-led threat to US President Donald Trump will affect China. Trump had said via Twitter that he wanted to increase the special duties on Chinese goods on Friday.

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The development studio ConsenSys has opened a new internet portal. The portal is for developers and provides contract libraries, security tools, storage systems and testnets.

Ripple XRP

Ripples Initiative Xpring has redesigned its website. The current design is particularly clear and clearly highlights the priorities of the initiative.

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Litecoin inventor Charlie Lee shared his opinion on Bitcoin in an interview. He said that he still believes that Bitcoin will continue to be the leading crypto currency in the future. However, nobody could see into the future. So he said:

“If someone says he knows, he's lying. Nobody knows if the price is going up or down. I have seen a few bull and bear markets. Sometimes it recovers. Who knows? “


Bitpanda is the leading European retail broker for cryptocurrencies. On Twitter, Bitpanda has now announced that they have now listed Tron (TRX) on the crypto exchange. In the middle of April Bitpanda conducted a user survey. They asked which token should be noted next: Basic Attention Token, Dogecoin, Golem or Tron. With 44 percent of the votes cast, Tron won the survey.

You voted for it in our recent poll so we've added it! @Tronfoundation is now available to trade on Bitpanda #bitpanda #tron $ TRX pic.twitter.com/qCwkNMZLBG

– Bitpanda (@bitpanda) May 2, 2019


IOHK's Cardano founder and CEO, Charles Hoskinson, has launched a new initiative. The aim of the initiative is to provide millions of Africans with advanced financial services.

This should be done through a blockchain framework called “atala”. This framework will also be used for elections, land registration, supply chain management and other applications.

Hoskinson pointed out that the framework for mass adoption needs to be interoperable. Forbes cited it as follows:

“The only way in which we bring 15 million Ethiopian farmers to a crypto-like system is to first integrate them into a supply chain system. (…) Many of these people are not interested in using cryptocurrencies, but once in the supply chain, they are on the network. “

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