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Analyst warns: Bitcoin whales can crash the market and destroy Ethereum, XRP, Altcoins

Analyst warnt: Bitcoin Wale können die Markt zum Absturz zu bringen und Ethereum, XRP, Altcoins vernichten

Bitcoin Wale Auswirkungen
Bitcoin whales often move the market with their actions quite strong

The entrepreneur behind the crypto Tracking Platform Whale Alert says a single Bitcoin whale could crash the market. This could affect Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, Ripple XRP and the entire Altcoin market.

In a recent interview with the Cryptocurrency Prime Dealer SFOX, Whale Alert points to one of the biggest owners of Bitcoin. It has a stock of (**********************************************************************************************************************************) He is an example of a single investor who could crash the market.


“This wallet alone – if this is actually a whale that has been holding its coins for so long without doing anything with it – would completely destroy the market if it decides,” Okay “Let 's sell us”

“But it' s really hard to say anything about the status of this address: are the keys to Wallet lost? Is this person still alive? Unfortunately, it's really hard to say anything about it: it just remains to be seen if anything happens with these addresses. “(***************************************************************************)

Whale Alert names a whale that is said to be in late August and early September 2019 worth $ 1 billion Bitcoin has sold. This is an example of the impact that a single large retailer can have. (**************************************************************************)

“On September 6, when most bitcoins were sold off the wallet, the price of bitcoins dropped almost 15% while the (***********************************************************************) – Day roll volatility increased by almost (**********************************************************************************) (************************************************************************) Over time, there will be fewer Bitcoin whales

Give horizon. As the market matures, Whale Alert expects the number of large BTC owners to decrease. It's normal for bitcoin traders to sell some of their fiat money cryptoassets. much fairer distribution of Bitcoin lead.

“At some point These people need to sell their coins and more people are interested. Hopefully, the distribution of Bitcoin will be a bit more balanced and hopefully there will be more (smaller investors) and less whales. ” a few and the actions of big traders remain controversial. , This report examined the impact of a lone whale on the cryptocurrency markets and the dramatic price evolution of Bitcoin end attributed. The full SFOX interview with Whale Alert can be found here

By definition, crypto-whale is a term that is used to refer to persons or companies holding large amounts of digital currencies. Both feared and admired, much like the marine mammals whose names they have, the Bitcoin whales move in the cryptocurrency space causing waves or swings with each movement.

(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Many Bitcoin whales are anonymous traders, crypto exchanges and hedge funds that can only be identified by their public addresses. Among the well-known whales is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, who is believed to have at least one million bitcoins. The Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron had an estimated 1 percent of all existing bitcoins at one point in time.

But why is that a problem? Given that the Bitcoin blockchain is decentralized, one can understand why multiple people holding large amounts of coins may be problematic for the market.

With their digital wealth and the fact that the crypto-currency market remains largely unregulated, whales could have enough influence to move the market in their favored direction. Therefore, it is not uncommon for traders to pay close attention to the whales and how, when and where they trade.

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