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Andreessen Horowitz is investing heavily in new ICO Dfinity

Andreessen Horowitz is investing heavily in new ICO Dfinity

Dfinity is a blockchain based project that aims to realize a global, decentralized cloud computing system. The advantage of the system should be the decentralization, which prevents access by a single organization. This is intended to refer products such as Amazon Web Services in the future on the squares. The private token sale of the Swiss project brought in $ 102 million in venture capital. This capital comes primarily from venture capitalists Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

The current bear market appears unfavorable to participate in an ICO. However, one must remember that Andreessen Horowitz has participated as a venture capitalist in the token sale. Thus, the company is a so-called “early adopter” and enjoys various benefits. This will enable the company to benefit in the long term from Dfinity's predicted performance.

It's also interesting that the Dfinity Foundation is not planning a public token sale. The reason for this is the regulatory uncertainty that could lead to legal problems. Instead, the Dfinity team conducted an “Airdrop” to distribute $ 35 million of tokens across the community. It is therefore very likely that Dfinity will carry out further airdrops via crypto exchanges. So one will probably try to have the own token listed there in order to gain additional liquidity.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Chris Dixon, head of Andreessen Horowitz's fund, said Dfinity's star programmer team attracted venture capitalists. The Dfinity team includes people like Timo Hanke, the creator of AsicBoost, and Ben Lynn, a former Google chief engineer. Also in the team are researchers from Intel Labs, Paul Liu, and Remy Goldschmidt, who previously conducted research on self-driving cars for Uber.

Investors invest a lot of money in Silicon Valley, especially in technology. The New York Times recently reported that 273 so-called “mega-rounds of financing” had been carried out in the technology sector over the last year. These are financing rounds valued at over $ 100 million. This year, there have already been 263 such “mega-rounds” in the industry. Observers therefore expect that the total number of last year will be exceeded this year.

Anand Sanwal, CEO of the CB Insights data platform said:

“As soon as they [the investors] believe they've found a winner, put in a lot of resources.”

The Dfinity Foundation and its recent “Mega Financing Round” are a good example. The hype surrounding crypto currencies and the rapidly growing trend towards investments in technology companies come together there. The cryptocurrency industry is growing exponentially. It is therefore likely that more “mega-rounds” will be held by venture capital firms.

Andreessen Horowitz is investing heavily in new ICO Dfinity

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