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Beware of malware “Casbaneiro” that impersonates other apps and steals cryptocurrencies


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Crypto Times editorial department.

A malware program called Casbaneiro is now widespread. The malware impersonates an application program such as Spotify or Whatsapp to collect banking and cryptographic information from users.

According to a report compiled by cyber security company ESET, Casbaneiro malware was May 800 Are some of the first viruses detected. The malware was originally intended for users with Brazilian and Mexican bank accounts, but a variant designed to steal users' cryptocurrencies has been identified.

According to the report of ESET, such malicious code seems to invade through emails and links and attachments. Once downloaded, the malware impersonates other popular programs such as Google Drive, Spotify, Whatsapp, and collects information about the user.

Such malware may be infected not only overseas but also in Japan. When using a PC or smartphone, make sure that links from emails of unknown destinations and URLs of dangerous sites are not opened

Article source: ESET Report, CryptoGlobe

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