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Binance (Binance) How to download and use the official application Summary!

Binance アプリ

Binance boasts the top class popularity and transaction volume among overseas cryptocurrency trading partners.

Of course the popularity of exchanges, but also about the official app of Binance, there is quite a reputation.

This page summarizes the installation method and basic usage of such Binance application.

If you read this, you can download the Binance application right now and learn how to use it.

Let’s remember the features and caveats of Binance (Binance) application

Before installing and using it, let’s first check the features and notes of the Binance application.

If you understand well what properties Binance’s application has, you can use it more reliably.

Features and caveats of Binance application
  • Application behavior is light, you can use crispy with smartphone
  • You can use it immediately on Android, but you need to set it for iOS
  • Beware of fake apps and fake apps

Easy to use · Operation is lighter and reputable

Binance Browser If you think that it is too heavy to be usable, the application will not move crisply.

– amefu 222 (@ amefu 222) November 25, 2017

The application of Binance is too easy ,,, # Binance # XVG

– Eco is scam (@ TS 47075358) October 1, 2017

The Binance application is light in operation and can be used without stress.

What is common in applications on cryptocurrency exchanges is that the application itself becomes heavy due to too much functionality.

Even though it is aimed at making cryptocurrency transactions easily, it is meaningless unless you can use the application satisfactorily with smartphone.

In that respect, Binance’s apps rarely get late, so you can trade smoothly and watch the chart.

Settings on the iOS terminal are a little troublesome

Binance application
After installing iOS person
Settings> General> Profile> You can not use it unless you trust the developer in enterprise APP. Right.

– urataW (@ udoncoin) September 13, 2017

On iOS devices such as iPhone, you normally download applications from AppStore, but there is no Binance application in AppStore.

You will download the application from Binance’s official page.

At this time, it is necessary to set it on iOS.

You can not open applications downloaded outside of AppStore as is, you need to tweak the settings slightly.

The way of setting on the iOS terminal will be posted on this page as well. However, as iOS applications are currently being deleted in Binance, it is no longer possible to install them.

Beware of fake apps and fake apps!

Binance’s app is used by many people because of its high functionality.

To the contrary to this popularity, there are unscrupulous agents trying to download Binance’s fake app and gain profits.

There seems to be a case in which the most likely message such as “application updating procedure is necessary” is sent to skip to the company’s page.

Application updates are handled by the Binance headquarters and it is impossible for other organizations to update them.

Be cautious about applications that try to trick users, such as ” Create with consignment from Binance “.

Be sure to check that the issuer of Binance’s real app is “Binance Inc.”

How to downgrade the Binance application (installation method) is easy!

Binance application download

The download of the Binance application itself will end soon.

When downloading, doing it takes time when done in a place with good communication environment.

Let’s actually check the download procedure.

iPhone / iOS application currently not supported

As of September 2018, Binance iOS application can not be downloaded.

Those who downloaded and installed in the past can use it as it is, but you can not download newly.

Let’s wait for the iOS application to be released again.

【Android】 Download the official Binance app from Google Plain

When downloading with Android smartphone, you need to download the Binance application from Google Plain .

On GooglePlay’s search face value, an application that searches for “Binance” comes up.

In this case, the application creator should choose the application “Binance Inc.”.

Some fake apps are missing, so please pay close attention in addition to what Binance Inc. releases.

Log in after installing the application

When downloading and installing the application is completed successfully, let’s proceed to the login setting.

You can log in by entering and clearing the set mail address, password, security.

Binance (Binance) Illustrates the basic usage of the official application!

If you understand the features of the Binance application, let’s actually confirm the basic usage of the application by illustration.

The Binance application is not compatible with Japanese. Languages ​​that can be set are English or Chinese. Although there is no difficult English, it can be used intuitively so anyone can use it without problems.

Let’s set basic security settings

Binance Application Security

From the Home screen, tap the Account in the lower right.

Binance application security setting

Tap Account to switch to this image.

Next, let’s tap Security in the center of the screen.

Binance application two-step authentication

From this screen you can set TouchID, Pattern, Google Authenticator, SMS Authenticator.

Binance application security setting list
  • TouchID … fingerprint authentication
  • Patterm … Sliding pattern authentication
  • Google Authenticator … 2-Step Authentication Using Dedicated Application
  • SMS Authenticator … Two-step authentication with SMS

Be sure to set it also to prevent unauthorized use of cryptocurrency.

* Some fingerprint authentication (TouchID) is not supported by the smart tablet being used.

The viewpoint of asset management (asset list) is simple

Binance application asset list

You can check the list of cryptocurrency assets you own by tapping Funds at the bottom right of the home screen.

Binancing application Asset management

The cryptocurrency held is zero on the screen, but it will be reflected on the screen displayed when the holding assets increase.

You can also make the asset invisible by tapping the eye icon.

Describe how to deposit with Binance application (send money to Binance)!

Bonus application deposit

To deposit money, tap Deposit at the top of the asset management screen (Funds).

Binance application address

When you tap Deposit, the Select Coin button will be displayed, so select here.

Binance application Deposit

Because Binance can not accept / withdraw money, you need to purchase cryptocurrency at other exchanges in order to deposit money.

Since the cryptocurrency list is displayed like an image, let’s select the cryptocurrency to be deposited.

For this example, select Bitcoin (BTC).

Let’s double check that the cryptocurrency to be remitted from outside and the type of cryptocurrency selected here are absolutely wrong. In the worst case, the transferred asset will not return to hand.

Binance application Bit coin deposit

Because the address for payment is displayed, we will remit money to Binance from an external exchange or wallet by copying the address or reading the QR code.

Explain how to withdraw money from Binance application (send money from Binance)!

Binance application withdrawal

Tap Withdrawal at the top of the asset management screen (Funds).

With binary application Withdrawal

As with deposit, select the cryptocurrency to transfer.

Here we will explain the explanation with the Bitcoin (BTC) as an example.

Binance application Drop money bit coin

Enter the remittance amount (number of sheets) and the address of the remittance destination and proceed to Withdrawal.

If you clear the security you set up such as 2-step verification, the withdrawal procedure from Binance will be completed.

Let’s wait for the remittance to be completed on the network such as Bitcoin.

It is easy to see! Explain how to view the chart with the Binance application!

Binance App Chart

Tap Market at the bottom left of the screen to see a list of virtual currencies.

The tabs at the top of the screen are the base currency of the transaction and you can search the currency with the magnifying glass icon.

Binance App Chart How to use

If you select the cryptocurrency, you can see the chart of each currency.

Let’s take a look at the Bitcoin (BTC) chart.

How to read Binance App Chart

In this way you can easily display the chart.

Chart function list
  • Line … time axis selection
  • Depth … Depth chart (depth map)
  • Full … Chart display on full screen
  • Top right star mark … favorite registration

Although it is a line chart here, you can also display the candlestick chart, of course.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Binance application is very easy

Binance application usage

If you select Trades at the bottom of the screen, it will look something like this.

How to buy a binning app

Tap the cryptocurrency abbreviation at the top of the screen and select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

When purchasing (when purchasing NULS with BNB in ​​NULS / BNB), choose Buy in the upper tab.

Since here is Limit Order, enter the rate for Price and the number of currencies to purchase for Amount.

Amount (number of sheets) is the item of Total and you can also enter the number of base currency you want to trade.

After that the order is complete by tapping Buy which is located on the center right.

Order method available for Binance application
By tapping “Limit Order” you can select the ordering method. In the Binance application you can select Limit Order and Market Order.

How to sell Binance App

If you want to sell, select Sell.

Basically the operation is the same as the case of Buy except for it.

In NULS / BNB trading pair it means selling NULS and increasing BNB.

Summary – Let’s trade from smartphone with Binance app!

Binance application

Binance application summary
  • Even if you do not understand English, you can operate it intuitively
  • Applications are crispy movement, outstanding ease of use
  • iOS application is currently unavailable

The Binance application has a pretty good reputation, so you can trade comfortably with just a smartphone so if you are registering with Binance, install it and there is no loss.

You can not download / install on iOS devices at the moment, but let’s install it when it is released!

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