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Binance (Binance) releases its own block chain “Binance Chain” within a few months! Also release a demonstration movie!

It became clear that Binance (Binance) of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange will release its own block chain Binance Chain” within a few months .

# Binance is pushing for blockchain adoption and doing many times on the coming months, on which millions of projects can easily issue tokens. @ Cz_Binance @ ForbesAsia # ForbesBlockchain pic.twitter .com / 0pc0r1lXd2

Binance (@ Binance) December 4, 2018

“Vinance is promoting the adoption of block chains, we are doing a lot to help the development of the industry.For example, we are declining vinance chain in the next few months, where the number A million projects can easily issue tokens. “

Binance Chain is a new block chain developed by Binance focusing on transfer and trading of block chain assets, and Binance Coin (BNB) of the ERC – 20 standard will also be relocated.

Demo video of DEX (Distributed Exchange) using Binance Chain with this announcement is newly released on Youtube.

In this demo movie, actual usage and screen design etc. are reflected.

This time Mr. CZ also talks about three things in Binance DEX as tweet as follows.

  • Since one blocking time is possible in 1 second, confirmation is possible immediately = immediate dealings can be done
  • Manage assets themselves (possess secret keys), do not hold currency at exchanges
  • It is a simple UX similar to the current Binance

Three things about the @ Binance_DEX

1. ONE SECOND block time, ONE confirmation finality = INSTANT TRANSACTIONS

2. You control your funds (private keys). No holding of coins at the exchange.

3. Simple UX, just like https://t.co/9rMMAmtCxH https://t.co/RNLxjn8tlj

– CZ Binance (@ cz_Binance) December 5, 2018

The first demo image of DEX is released by CEO CZ in August this year. In the demonstration video, you can easily create tokens, listings , and transactions with other currencies are introduced.

Development situation demonstration of Binance (Binance) distributed exchange BinanceChain released

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