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Binance Coin can now be bought on eToro

Binance Coin can now be bought on eToro

Traders can now trade Binance's BNB cryptocurrency on the eToro social trading platform. To this end, eToro has partnered with Binance to form a partnership. At the same time, eToro is the first platform on which to buy the BNB token for Fiat currencies. This will provide eToro customers with 13 cryptoassets for trading.

The BNB token is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance crypto exchange, the largest crypto exchange in the world by volume. The BNB token was issued following an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017 and is primarily used to pay fees on the crypto exchange.

In addition, BNB Coins holders may also use these to invest in certain Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The possible ICOs can be found in Binance's “LaunchPad” program. Some third-party providers also accept payments in BNB coins, such as Brisbane Airport in Australia or the Asian streaming service Uplive.

Regarding the listing on eToro, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance said:

“With this listing, the Binance Coin can reach millions of other people. Many of these people are used to the traditional finance industry. As a utility token, we want to create long-term value for the [BNB token]. To do that, we will continue to work with eToro. “

The listing of the Binance Coin opens up new opportunities for diversification on the eToro platform. In addition, one wants to take the BNB Coin also on “CryptoPortfolios” of eToro. It's a one-click solution that allows investors to diversify their held crypto holdings.

In an interview, Guy Hirsch, one of the directors at eToro, said his company is pleased to partner with Binance. He said:

“EToro notes coins that we believe embody great products. In addition, the coins must also have an understandable product roadmap and clear business usability. The Binance team has been working hard to build an innovative infrastructure for the new environment. Therefore, we believe that there is a great demand in the market for it. “

The co-founder of eToro, Yoni Assia, added that the platform will continue to list leading cryptoassets with meaningful use cases. He stated:

“As a regulated securities broker, we have the ability to offer both utility and security tokens on our platform. We support the trend of bringing assets to the blockchain, as well as the tokenization of securities. “

EToro is very active overall. At the beginning of the year, for example, the company signed sponsorship agreements with seven football teams from the English Premier League. These teams include Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Southampton, Cardiff City and Brighton & Hove Albion. Payments to the teams were made by eToro in Bitcoin. In addition, football clubs have agreed to open digital wallets on the platform.

Binance Coin can now be bought on eToro

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