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Binance establishes charity organization “Binance Charity Foundation”

Binance establishes charity organization "Binance Charity Foundation"

We found that the cryptocurrency exchange · vinance boasting the world’s most transaction volume established the organization ” Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) ” aiming at establishing a highly transparent contribution activity using block chains.

Helen Hai, who is the representative of the group, responded to Forbes’ interview, and revealed how block chains will change fundraising activities and specific activities.

Although donation activities have been considered problematic as to where the destinations of goods are uncertain, it is delivered to people who need supplies by using a distributed ledger with features such as innocence and non-centralization It is said that it will be able to confirm that.

Also, by using a distributed ledger, you can drastically reduce the cost of donation activity, so more donated funds are said to reach people who need help.

The BCF is currently aiming to establish a ” block chain center for social benefits ” and a decentralized charity platform that has a connection with the United Nations (UN).

In addition to being actively participating in meetings organized by the United Nations, the organization is also talking with government officials in Togo and Uganda in Africa about the solutions proposed by the organization.

Article Source: Binance Charity Set To Solve UN Sustainability Goals Believes New Chief Helen Hai

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