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[Binance fee guide] Thorough explanation of tips to reduce fees with BNB usage and remittance!

  • Binance fee is high? cheap?
  • What kind of operation does it cost?
  • How can I make the commission as cheap as possible?

This page is for Binance. This is a summary of fees related to (Binance).

Also, Tips for reducing fees and fees with other exchanges It also introduces how to use Binance for comparison .

As long as you read this, you will no longer pay unnecessary fees with Binance, and you will be able to trade cryptocurrency smarter Become.

Binance fees A thorough explanation! List of paid and free fees

All fees for using Binance are listed above. Summarized. You can see that there is a fee for cryptocurrency transactions and withdrawals.

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Maltese Islands of Italy. And you can only trade between virtual currencies.

Now I will explain each fee in detail.

Binance fee list
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Transaction fee
  • No spread set by Binance

The withdrawal fee (remittance fee) varies depending on the type of cryptocurrency

Deposit fee (Japanese yen) Non-payment in Japanese yen
Withdrawal fee (Japanese yen) Not compatible with Japanese yen withdrawal
Deposit fee (cryptocurrency) free
Withdrawal fee (cryptocurrency) Varies by currency type
Transaction fee (Trade commission) 0 . 10%
Other BNB payment transaction fee discount
cryptocurrency Minimum withdrawal amount (coins) Withdrawal fees (coins)
BNB 0. 01 0. 001
BCHSV 0.0 001 0.0 001
BTC 0.0 02 0.
FTM 14.Four 7.2
NEO 1 0
ETH 0. 02 0. 01
LTC 0.0 02 0. 001
XRP 2 0. 25

Binance withdrawal fees vary depending on the type of cryptocurrency. The table above summarizes the withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawals for major cryptocurrencies.

0 for BTC 0005 BTC, Binance exchange coin BNB 0 001 Each cryptocurrency like BNB A withdrawal fee is set for each.

Pay attention to the minimum withdrawal amount
There is also a minimum withdrawal amount for withdrawals. Remember that you can only withdraw more than that amount.

Transaction fee (buying and selling Fee) is uniformly 0.1%

Transaction fees are fees for trading virtual currencies with Binance.

Binance Transaction fee is uniformly 0.1% .

In Binance, you can trade mainly in 4 basic currencies (BNB, BTC, ETH, USDT). Transaction fees are incurred for each transaction.



Transaction fee is one of the fees that must be incurred. If you trade frequently, be sure to check it.

Since there is an exchange format, there is no spread set by Binance

It represents the difference between the buying price and the selling price.

Some exchanges trade virtual currencies in the form of sales offices. Price spreads set by the exchange.

However, because Binance can be traded in an exchange format, There is no intentionally set spread difference between sell transactions.

for that reason, Trades can be done without any fees compared to exchanges like sales offices like Coincheck.

Binance can reduce the transaction fee as much as possible. Let's be able to use such exchanges.

Explains 3 ways to reduce Binance fees!


I've explained the fees that Binance costs so far, but I'd like to trade with Binance at a better price.

Actually, there are 3 tips to keep Binance fees low.

Check one by one so you can trade without any fees!

Tips for reducing commissions with Binance
  • BNB payment makes transaction fees up to half price
  • Withdrawing cryptocurrency in a small number of times
  • Withdraw money with a free cryptocurrency

BNB payments make transaction fees up to half price

Commission discount rate
1st year 50%
Second year 25%
Third year 12. 50%
4th year 6. 75%
5th year 0%

Binance has its own exchange token “ BNB '' cryptocurrency, If you pay the transaction fee using BNB , up to half the fee .

The discount rate is halved every year from the birth of Binance's BNB. To zero.

To use BNB to pay transaction fees, you have purchased “Using BNB to Pay for fee” in “Account” It can be set by pressing the switch next to the letter.

Gold is a small number of times

I explained about “ cryptocurrency withdrawal fee '' earlier, but if you frequently withdraw money, the fee will probably be It will be necessary.

Therefore, make withdrawals as little as possible and collect them as few times as possible is recommended.

For example, considering withdrawal with BTC, the withdrawal fee of BTC is “ 0. 0005 BTC “, so it's really expensive.

Considering that this stacks up, it seems that you will pay thousands of yen to tens of thousands of yen or more even if you only pay for the fee, Keep your withdrawals as close as possible.

Withdrawal fee Withdraw in free cryptocurrency

Actually, some Binance virtual currencies have no withdrawal fee.

Among the many virtual currencies handled by Binance, “ NEO Only the cryptocurrency “” has no withdrawal fee .

Therefore, once the cryptocurrency has been exchanged for NEO, if you withdraw money to an external exchange / wallet, the withdrawal fee will be charged Can be completely zero.

Exchanges and wallets that are not compatible with NEO
Please note that you cannot withdraw money to exchanges and wallets that do not support NEO.

Binance fees are high? cheap? Thorough comparison with major exchanges

Binance Huobi Bittrex Coincheck bitFlyer
Transaction fee (actual transaction) 0. 10% 0. 20% 0. 25% 0% 0. 01 ~ 0. 15%
Transaction fee discount maximum50% maximum50% None free Reduced by transaction volume
Deposit fee Free Free free free free
Withdrawal fee (BTC) 0. 0005 0. 0005 0. 0005 0. 0. 0004
Withdrawal fee (ETH) 0. 0. 005 0. 006 0. 01 0. 005
Withdrawal fee (NEO) 0 0 0.0 25 No handling None

So far we have explained Binance transaction fees and withdrawal fees, but how does it compare to other exchanges?

If you use an exchange for a long time, a small difference in fees will increase.

In order to select an exchange that suits your trading method, you can also select domestic and foreign exchanges and transaction and withdrawal fees. Let's understand how is different.

Binance Transaction fee is cheap

Transaction fee (Spot transaction) Transaction fee discount
Binance 0% maximum50%
Huobi 0. 20% 50%
Bittrex 0. 25% None
Coincheck 0% free
bitFlyer 0. 01 ~ 0. 15% Reduced by transaction volume

Binance's 0.1% transaction fee is cheap compared to other exchanges

In Binance, if you use your own exchange token BNB, The fee can be reduced to half price .

Binance with a low fee is recommended for those who want to trade virtual currencies frequently.

The advantage of handling more currencies than domestic exchanges
Overseas exchanges such as Binance are characterized by handling more currencies than domestic exchanges. Since you can trade many currencies that can't be traded on domestic exchanges, you may want to register first and see what currencies are available.

Withdrawal fees are almost the same as other exchanges

Main exchange withdrawal fees
Binance 0. 0005 0. 01 zero
Huobi 0. 0005 0. 005 zero
Bittrex 0. 0005 0. 006 0.0 25
Coincheck 0. 001 0. 01 Not available
bitFlyer 0. 0004 0. 005 Not available

Binance withdrawal fees are not particularly advantageous when compared to other exchanges. It is a quasi-manner.

However, if you use the method of withdrawal with NEO with no withdrawal fee, you may be able to use it even more profitably. Hmm.

It's still expensive anyway, so Let's try to reduce the withdrawal fee as much as possible with “Withdraw” or “Withdraw NEO”.


Summary of fees required to use Binance It was.

Binance fees are basically transaction fees I think that it is two of withdrawal fee !

Let's try to keep the transaction as low as possible while referring to the method to keep the Binance fee low.

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