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Binance users can now book 450,000 hotels with BNB Coins


Tripio is a block-based hotel booking platform. Now Tripio has expanded the payment options for its users. For example, users can now pay with the Binance cryptocurrency BNB and book 450,000 hotels and accommodations.

This is possible thanks to an officially announced strategic partnership between Tripio and Binance. The goal is to open up new ways to use BNB coins for the 10 million users of the crypto exchange.

The Importance of Traders and Platforms Acceptance

Over the past two years, big companies and platforms have announced that they will allow cryptocurrency payment. These include, for example, Expedia, Microsoft and the computer games platform Steam.

However, various weaknesses in cryptocurrencies have complicated and partially halted efforts. Long verification times, high volatility and lack of liquidity contributed to an environment that made it difficult for traders to accept cryptocurrencies.

In May of this year, John Rainey, the chief financial officer of PayPal, said:

“With the volatility of cryptocurrencies, traders are experiencing price swings that challenge the economics of their businesses. Imagine that you are a trader and have, say, a profit margin of 10 percent on the sale of a particular product. If you accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and Bitcoin then drops 15 percent the next day, you'll lose on this sale. “

However, many of these issues have been resolved or at least alleviated.

For a long time now, merchants have been looking for an alternative to PayPal and legacy systems, which charge mostly high fees. The cryptocurrencies are an efficient and practical alternative. However, the cryptocurrencies have not quite reached the retail world and there are still some hurdles to be overcome before that happens.

The current partnership between Binance and Tripio represents a good step forward in this respect and should contribute to the further acceptance of the cryptocurrency.

The next steps

In order to further spread the crypto currencies in the trade, it is important to persuade other large traders to accept the cryptocurrencies. This could be easier in the future, because the infrastructure of the crypto currencies is constantly being expanded. Also, the awareness increases in the long term always on. It can therefore be assumed that the platforms are approaching the new forms of payment in order to meet the wishes and habits of the new customers.

Also, the much-vaunted volatility that has previously held some traders, you could be master. This should be helped by future regulations and tested stablecoins.

The community itself can help by diligently using cryptocurrencies and asking for them from merchants and platforms. Everything contributes to the development of the infrastructure and this is likely to cause more traders and large platforms to accept crypto currencies as a means of payment in the future.

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