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Bitcoin (BTC) is striving to overthrow Viral plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, EOS and Cardano Updat


Bitcoin Gold Value Store
An interesting comparison to the topic “value memory” between bitcoin and gold

From a unique comparison between bitcoin and gold to Litecoin's progress over the last few days, the most important updates from the crypto world can be found here as usual.

Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Reddit posted a descriptive picture that illustrates how Bitcoin Gold could beat gold as the leading value store. This image made it to the top of the reddit thread r / Bitcoin. It shows how $ 1.6 billion in physical gold bars look like and how little space $ 1.6 billion can be stored in Bitcoin, a tiny bitcoin hardware wallet.

Gold vs Bitcoin compared
Source: Reddit

This contrast highlights some of the biggest strengths of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin gives you the ability to hold your own assets instead of relying on a bank for safekeeping. It also makes it possible to move capital anywhere in the world in no time, without armored trucks or middlemen, as would be the case with gold transport.

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, blocked access to $ 1.2 billion in gold from the Bank of England only in January, according to Bloomberg.

“The Bank of England's decision to deny Maduro access to sovereign wealth came about after US officials intervened. Among them were Foreign Minister Michael Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton. They called on their UK counterparts to cut the regime off from its overseas assets. “

The Bank of England declined to comment on its dealings with Venezuelan assets. She said that she provides “banking services – including gold custody services” to a large number of clients “and” does not comment on any of these relationships. “

The debate over whether Bitcoin can outshine gold in the long run is more vivid than ever. Well-known crypto investor Mike Novogratz recently said Bitcoin (BTC) could easily “outpace” $ 7.5 trillion in gold market capitalization.

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The Litecoin Foundation has released a new update on YouTube. The video is about Litecoin's latest stock price development, rising hashrates and adaptation news.


The latest issue of EthHub Weekly has been released and includes all the news related to Ethereum.

The new paper addresses developments in Ethereum 2.0 and a number of Ethereum-based platforms. These include Loom Network, Dharma, Maker and Cyber ​​Network.

Ripple XRP

BeeTech Global, the Brazilian payment startup, unveils how it is currently using ripple's xCurrent cross-border payment solution to pass on savings to its customers.

BeeTech uses the technology to drive remittances in the Eurozone. It plans to extend this solution to the US and Canada soon.

There are rumors that BeeTech Ripples has been researching and experimenting with XRP-powered xRapid for months. However, the company has not made any official statement as to whether the technology should be used.

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The EOS developer, Block.one, explores the future of private key management. In a new post on Medium, the company highlights the weaknesses of traditional passwords and explores new solutions offered by blockchain technology.

Exploring a passwordless future: Our thoughts on the future of modern authentication systems. A Theoretical Solution: Passes instead of Keys or Passwords. #EOSIOLabs https://t.co/kVJOnv848S

– Block.one (@block_one_) April 17, 2019


Crypto Sleuths on Twitter says that the crypto-debit card company Wirex plays a role in supporting the Stellar (XLM) network. The company seems to operate three Stellar validators, the first was discovered at the end of March.

@ wirexapp running 3 @StellarOrg validators. The first appeared 3-28-19. #XLM #Stellar #BTC pic.twitter.com/TySgksFIFQ

– CD (@ Crypt0bags) April 21, 2019


Tron's latest weekly report has been released. The new release covers the work of the platform on the Sun Network Scaling Solution, BitTorrent Token (BTT) news and more.


The creator of Cardano Charles Hoskinson has just released a new Ask-me-Anything (AMA) on YouTube. Hoskinson comments on the recent IOHK Summit and the future of the Smart Contract Platform.

Buy Cardano Source: Pixabay

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