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Bitcoin (BTC) leads the $ 93-billion battle in cryptocurrencies plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Stellar and Cardano Updat

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The most important news about Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies of the last two days

Today, we're talking about Bitcoin's battle for the top spot in the highest-capitalized cryptocurrencies. I also talk about a new investment in Ripple Labs and other topics in the cryptocurrency world.


The crypto-data analysis platform DataLight has created an interesting new graph. The graph spread quickly across Twitter and is now the first place on Reddit for cryptocurrency. The animated chart shows the market capitalization of the ten largest cryptocurrencies since 2013. The viewer can see how the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies has changed over time.

Just 10 years ago first #Bitcoin transaction what sent and it's astonishing to see industry growth and how many new assets have gained traction.

In this unique visualization by DataLight, you can track the top-10 crypto assets by market cap, from crypto's early days until today. pic.twitter.com/JIYT3KagwD

– DataLight (@DataLightMe) April 17, 2019

The graph shows Bitcoin's market capitalization since 2013. During this time, the competitors change places and change their capitalization. It is noticeable that Bitcoin perpetually towers above all others. The only cryptocurrency that came close to Bitcoin's market capitalization was Ethereum. This was in 2017, when Ethereum had a market capitalization of $ 34 billion. Bitcoin was $ 43 billion at the time.

The chart is also interesting for another reason. It illustrates how big the distance from Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies really is.

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Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Ripples Xpring has announced on Medium that they have invested in Bolt Labs. Bolt Labs is a start-up company working to facilitate private transactions on existing blockchain networks. These private transactions should also be executed quickly and at low cost.

. @ boltlabsinc and @ja_akinyele are bringing #Interoperability and privacy to Layer 2. #Xpring is thrilled to be involved. #ILP https://t.co/HOKSsHFP3R

– Ethan Beard (@ethanbeard) April 17, 2019


Developer Studio ConsenSys has analyzed a new list of best blockchain companies. Forbes had compiled the list.

In the opinion of ConsenSys on medium, the list shows how important Ethereum is. More than half of the companies listed would be working with Ethereum, the leading platform for smart contracts.


The latest issue of “The Lite Podcast” has been released. Guest of the day is software developer Valentine Wallace from Lightning Labs. Among other things, Wallace talks about the design interface challenges of developing the Wallets mobile device from Lightning.


The Stellar team wants to grow. The Stellar Development Foundation is currently seeking candidates for eleven vacancies. This includes many positions for developers as well as a grant and a partnership manager.


IOHK, the company behind the cryptocurrency cardano, has announced the official specifications for the update Shelley. Shelley is to further decentralize the Smart Contracts of the platform.

The soul of Shelley is out https://t.co/5Hcwt40BsU

– Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 17, 2019


The Tron team has put a new website online. The team then explains clearly how the new tether token (USDT) works. This token has recently been based on Tron.

1⃣Visit https://t.co/ekGgQkyhoG to find out how # TRC20 based #USDT works and how you can benefit from $ USDT built on #TRON; You are welcome to ask any questions about # TRC20 based $ USDT;

3⃣To remember this contract address https://t.co/AM8cK0pqrP and do not fall for scams. https://t.co/h9yLkZgMkv

– Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 17, 2019

Buy Ripple XRP Source: Pixabay

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