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Bitcoin (BTC) price of 1 million USD announced plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Cardano and IOTA News


An extremely high prize awaits the lucky winner of the Bitcoin Challenge

Here is a current overview of news from the world of crypto currencies. Today, it's all about a Bitcoin treasure hunt and a new milestone for Litecoin.

Bitcoin Price

A $ 1 million treasure hunt for Bitcoin is currently underway. The trigger for this was a mysterious message from space.

The anonymous message was transmitted over a blockstream satellite. So the keys to a $ 1 million wallet of Bitcoin are split into a thousand pieces. The first person picking up 400 of these pieces can secure the treasure. But she has to use the magic of the magician Shamir. This is an allusion to a cryptographic algorithm called Shamir's Secret Sharing. The Israeli cryptologist Adi Shamir developed it in 1979.

Received a new message over @Blockstream Satellite. It appears to be a treasure hunt for $ 1,000,000 in #bitcoin, with included GPS coordinates for the first part of the hunt! 🤯🛰️🔎🗺️ https://t.co/M4mKMbQ8KU pic.twitter.com/HzkEJ8RFXc

– grubles (@notgrubles) April 15, 2019

Some clues should be in physical locations around the world. Others are hidden in puzzles. Information on the hiding spots can be found on the website “Satoshi's Treasure”.

Behind the treasure hunt is a company on “a tropical island” stuck. At the same time, one apparently wants to release an app to help fellow players keep track of hints and updates. At the same time, the treasure hunt should be a channel for sponsors and partnerships with external brands.

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Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Paul Arriyavat is the chief executive officer of the Thai Siam Commerical Bank (SBC). Arriyavat has now stated that the company will expand its use of Ripple's cross-border payment solutions.

The SBC has already confirmed that it uses Ripples xCurrent to send payments. In December 2018, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse indicated that the SBC could also use Ripple xRapid.


The latest blog entry from Week in Ethereum has been published.

This week's topics are Ethereum 2.0 news and a look at a variety of updates from Ethereum-based platforms. These include Enjin, Maker and Augur.


Litecoin's hash rate has reached a new all-time high. This is important because it shows that the network is prospering and the number of Litecoin miners is growing. The current data from BitInfoCharts shows that the hash rate has almost doubled since the beginning of the year.


The Tron Foundation's latest weekly report has appeared on Medium. The current issue highlights the platform's efforts to introduce anonymous transactions. It also covers the beta phase of BitTorrent Live as well as various milestones in the cryptocurrency environment. This includes exceeding the mark of 2.4 million accounts in the Tron network.


The co-creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has praised the power of the latest version of the Yoroi Wallets. He did that via Twitter.

Yoroi is a browser extension for Google Chrome.

This is almost a tear to my eyes. Dam kids, you're killing it! https://t.co/0oE3BE1ym0

– Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 15, 2019


The IOTA Foundation has announced an update for its mobile wallet Trinity. A new version will be made available to the public “very soon”. The version is currently in a private alpha testing phase and should give up 2-factor authentication.

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