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Bitcoin (BTC): The whales are massively buying in plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron and IOTA updat


Bitcoin whales and purchases
Bitcoin (BTC) is currently being wholly bought by whales

Today, our review is about a big increase in big investments in Bitcoin. Next, let's take a look at a new way to switch cryptoassets and other interesting cryptocurrency news.


Thomas Lee is head of the research department of the analytical company Fundstrat. In a recent telephone interview with CNBC, Lee has explained why he sees signs of an end to the “crypto winter”. So-called “crypto whales”, ie large investors, buy bitcoin in large quantities. Lee referred to over-the-counter trading as evidence. So he said:

“We interviewed OTC brokers. They are very important when it comes to how institutional investors trade cryptocurrencies. And all report a 60- to 70-percent increase (…) in the number of customers. And trading per customer is picking up recently. “

Bitcoin bull @ Fundstrat's Tom Lee says he has three signs crypto spring has jump. Check it out pic.twitter.com/wSaKFQnIvw

– CNBC Futures Now (@CNBCFuturesNow) April 25, 2019

Next, Lee said:

“Keep in mind that 70% of crypto trading takes place outside the US. Scenarios like [the situation] in Venezuela or the devaluation of the Turkish lira have fueled the increase in on-chain volume (…). “

Lee also pointed to Bitcoin's 200-day moving average. This technical hurdle has recently overtaken Bitcoin for the first time in 13 months. That, too, is a sign of the decay of the “crypto winter”.

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MyEtherWallet is one of Ethereum's most popular wallets. Now MyEtherWallet has got a new user interface. Also new is a feature for token swaps with more than 100 coins and tokens. This is possible through a partnership with changelly.

The addition of @changelly_team, one of the biggest #crypto exchanges out there, to the redesigned MEW5 has allowed us to swap over 100 coins and #tokens from right inside their wallet

Check out the video to see how it's done, step by step! https: //t.co/T2gmdUPJqL

– MyEtherWallet.com (@myetherwallet) April 25, 2019

Ripple XRP

Crypto Bitrue has partnered with Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL Labs. This will allow Bitrue users to instantly transition any Coin to Ripple XRP and redirect it to the XRPL Labs Tip Bot.

As you probably noticed @BitrueOfficial is a big XRP fan. Cryptos to the XRP TipBot using @BitrueOfficial. Their tokens (🤣) of appreciation wants to go back to the community! pic.twitter.com/cxzLG4F4M2

– Wietse Wind (@WietseWind) April 25, 2019

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Litecoin developer Loshan has offered a $ 2,000 reward on Twitter. The reward will be paid to the person who succeeds in programming Litecoin's Main and Testnet as the first within a month to support Neutrino. Neutrino is a new protocol designed to enable private transactions.


The IOTA Foundation has published its “IOTA Academy” program. The program offers developers a number of online training opportunities for development on the IOTA platform.

“The IOTA Foundation offers a range of online training and training for programmers and developers at training.iota.org.

In the coming weeks, this first set will be supplemented with training for non-coders, eg. Blockchain enthusiasts, futurists, and students, as well as project managers, conceptualists, and C-level managers to deepen their knowledge of IOTA, its technology, and the great disruptive potential that IOTA offers to business and society. “

I'm offering a $ 2K bounty to the first person to add support for LTC (mainnet / testnet) within 1 month time. This must support bitcoin too, and a PR must be submitted to the official and repo at https://t.co/DCAcPXpGjK and should be in an acceptable / mergeable state.

– Loshan (@ loshan1212) April 25, 2019


Tron has announced that four new, remote games are now running as dApps on Tron. The new games include “Stake them all” and “Smart Town.”


Stellar's new core update is available. The update is intended to improve stability and performance. At the same time, this also changes some fees in the network.

UPDATE: The latest #Stellar Core Release is now live. Download link and release notes for v11.0.0 can be found here: https://t.co/6ZCLsj0nAt

– Stellar (@StellarOrg) April 26, 2019

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