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Bitcoin (BTC) trading record broken plus Ripple XRP news, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and Stellar updat

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Bitcoin News 22-04-19
The most important Bitcoin and Ripple XRP news from weekend and updates to other crypto currencies

Today it's about the Bitcoin wave in Brazil, the benefits of Stellar Lumens, and other cryptocurrency issues.


Brazil now holds the trading record for Bitcoin in Latin America. Twenty-four hours before the editorial deadline, Brazil's Bitcoin traded worth about $ 800 million. This was reported by the data tracker CoinTrader Monitor.

A few days earlier, the Brazilian crypto exchanges had already breached the 100,000 mark in 24-hour traded Bitcoin. That too was a new record, as the website Criptomoedas Fácil reported.

Brazil is struggling with rising inflation. The currency devaluation is currently 4.58 percent. This circumstance and the rising price of Bitcoin should have fueled the now observable trading volume.

Rampant inflation has also led to increased adoption of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Venezuela and Argentina. The advantages of the cryptocurrencies prove to be valuable storage and the transnational sending of funds.

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The ETHCapeTown Hackathon is the first of its kind in Africa. Now the hackathon has invited the inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, as the main speaker. As a special feature, users from all over the world can ask questions about their mother via Twitter. To ask a question, the tweet must contain only the hashtag “#askVitalik”.

How can we use blockchain tech to address challenges unique to the African continent? 🤔

We want to hear from you!

Use the tag #askVitalik to have your questions answered! Live stream to follow! @VitalikButerin @ETHGlobal pic.twitter.com/UYYZsYtpPl

– ETHCapeTown (@ETHCapeTown) April 19, 2019

Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Wietse Wind, the founder of XRPL Labs, has taken a look behind the scenes of the XRP Tip Bot. In an interview with the XRP Community Blog, Wind said that the platform now serves as a test environment. It said:

“We see the XRP Tip Bot (platform / app) as a great test environment for things we want to use in the production of XRPL Labs.”

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The Litecoin Foundation now also offers collectibles. The Foundation sells a limited edition sterling silver set. The set includes cufflinks and a tie clip, each adorned with the Litecoin emblem. Also included is a certificate signed by Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.


The Stellar team is currently pleased with a comment by Ethereum researcher Virgil Griffith. He had recently recommended Stellar instead of Ethereum for fast cryptotransactions. He also said that you really do not need to use the Ethereum platform to just move tokens.

“I actually advised someone a few months ago to actually go #Stellar instead of #Ethereum. […] If you just want to send tokens around, just fungible tokens […] really, really fast, you probably do not really need us. ” – Virgil Griffith, Ethereum https://t.co/kRpRCT0dJH

– Stellar (@StellarOrg) April 19, 2019


The US crypto-exchange Poloniex has announced that it intends to support the Tron-based tether (USDT) version. This was communicated with:

“We decided to support this new chain as it is an upgrade to the USDT platform. At the same time it gives customers additional flexibility. This is one of the many initiatives that make Poloniex the best crypto-exchange for traders and crypto-friends around the world. “

Poloniex wants to support USDT on the Tron network and extend the upcoming airdrop to customers @Tronfoundation https://t.co/DE1klTl1we

– Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) April 19, 2019

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