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Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex wants to sue $ 850 million

Bitcoin Börse Bitfinex will 850 Millionen USD einklagen

Once again the Bitcoin Stock Exchange Bitfinex is in the headlines

The Crypto Exchange hopes that this measure will help uncover frozen funds. Overall, it's about the astronomical sum of over 850 millions of dollars.

The Bitcoin stock exchange passed on Filed an application with a Californian court. By means of this application, a testimony is to be made possible. Rondel “Rhon” Clyde Monroe is to be heard as a witness. This is the former Vice President of TCA Bancorp. In addition, a copy of Monroe's communication with employees of Crypto Capital is also to be obtained.

Bitfinex claims in its application that Crypto Capital “used one or more accounts with TCA Bancorp to facilitate the transfer of money owned by Bitfinex”. The crypto exchange believes that Monroe has the information and documents it needs. These should be critical to claims for over 500 $ million.

Bitfinex's new application will be submitted as part of an ongoing process. It is trying These funds were allegedly frozen by several government agencies.

In the meantime, the New York prosecutor has also opened an investigation against Bitfinex. The Bitcoin Exchange has allegedly used a loan from its sister company Tether to cover the frozen funds. This was supposed to be done without telling the customer.

Bitfinex stated in the application that their relationship with Crypto Capital generally worked well. It was not until April last year that news came that the Polish authorities had seized money from Crypto Capital due to money laundering investigations.

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Bitfinex announced that Crypto Capital announced in August 300 that The Bitcoin Exchange added that Crypto Capital submitted a letter of reference signed by Monroe on behalf of TCA. This allegedly happened after Crypto Capital was pressured to provide more information about the frozen bank accounts.

In the letter, the custody of Bitfinex funds amounting to slightly more than 18 Millions of dollars at TCA on behalf of a customer called Global Trade Solutions AG (GTS) indexed. GTS operates as “Crypto Capital”

Now Bitfinex requests the testimony of Monroe and the documentation of his communication with Ozzie Yosef. The latter is one of the top managers of Crypto Capital. In addition, Josef's sister Ravid Yosef is to be questioned. Statements were also sought from Reginald Dennis Fowler (sole shareholder of GTS) and Fowler's son Trent Dennis Fowler. It should be registered as the holder of at least one account through which Crypto Capital receives payments from Bitfinex customers.

In particular, Reginald Fowler and Ravid Yosef have been indexed by the US Department of Justice for alleged bank fraud. The alleged fraud should be linked to a system for depositing funds to crypto exchanges.

You can find the complete application here.

Once again, Bitfinex does not get out of the headlines. In particular, sister company Tether has been the subject of controversy and investigation several times in the past. Recently, it was about the Vorwurd massive market manipulation.

Text proof: Coindesk, image source: Pixabay

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