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Bitcoin Exchange Cryptopia suffers hacker attack: loss of about $ 2.5 million


Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based crypto exchange, has ceased all services and went offline after reporting a significant hacker attack yesterday. Losses are about $ 2.5 million, according to the latest information.

Hacker Attack reported to Cryptopia

The new year does not seem to have brought any relief to Bitcoin exchanges in terms of hacker attacks. Many have been victims of security vulnerabilities in recent years.

Cryptopia, a New Zealand based crypto exchange focused on small-cap coins, has become the latest victim of such a hack. While it is still unclear why Cryptopia's trading volume is not currently listed on CoinMarketCap, the stock exchange lists over 800 different coins and supports trading pairs for smaller crypto assets.

According to an official statement from the company, the platform suffered a security leak on January 14th. The hack caused “significant losses,” company officials said and apologized to their users for the delays in service. According to the expert boxing, the losses were about $ 2.5 million (see video above).

However, the infringement was reportedly taking place on 13 January. The stock market first told users that it was “unplanned maintenance”. In the meantime, several updates have been released, but none of them has given the reason for the maintenance.

The New Zealand police and their high-tech crime department have been notified and are currently investigating the matter as a serious crime, the crypto exchange said in its statement. The Cryptopia website has been offline since then and all transactions have been suspended.

Message of alleged hacker attack was received with skepticism

Surprisingly, the announcement from Cryptopia has met with skepticism as many Twitter users questioned the timing of the hack.

Looks like @Cryptopia_NZ got “hacked”.

– WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) January 15, 2019

Other users have even examined Cryptopia's recent transactions. Some say the stock market has transferred tens of millions of Ethereum dollars from their wallets. This happened allegedly only days before the hack was reported.

While some have questioned the timing of the announcement, others have accused Cryptopia of an exit scam. They said the hack had been planned. Ran Neuner, the presenter of the CNBC CryptoTrader show, also commented on the matter and said he was interested in how the hacker attack could actually happen.

Neuner questioned Cryptopia's ability to reimburse its users for the current market conditions. It's a smaller crypto exchange that may not have the resources.

In general, after a Bitcoin purchase on a stock exchange, users should always send their coins to their own Bitcoin wallet and not leave them on a trading platform.

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