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Bitcoin price at $ 1,800 and Ethereum at $ 50? Analyst believes this forecast is possibl


So far, Bitcoin (BTC) has been able to stay above $ 3,000. Many traders, investors and industry experts therefore expect the bottom to be around $ 3,100. However, there are also prominent experts who believe that Bitcoin can still fall below $ 3,000 per coin.

One of those experts is Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital. Pompliano believes the real bottom is close, but is below $ 3,000. Even the well-known Kryptotrader and analyst with the pseudonym “The Crypto Dog” considers a further price decline possible. On Twitter he wrote:

$ 1800 $ BTC and $ 50 $ ETH would not surprise me.

I do not know for any certainty we'll see those prices, nor do I mind if we reach them or not.

If you're in $ BTC for the long haul, DCA. If you're learning to trade, just survive. Keep your risk low, gains will be easier someday.

– The Crypto Dog📈 (@TheCryptoDog) February 5, 2019

“$ 1,800 for BTC [Bitcoin] and $ 50 ETH [Ethereum] would not surprise me. I'm not sure if we'll get to these classes and I do not care if that happens or not. If you invest in BTC [Bitcoin] for a long time: DCA [Dollar-Cost-Average]. If you are learning to trade just try to survive it. Keep the risk low, the profits will one day be easier. “

In this context, “The Crypto Dog” recalled one of his tweets of December 2018. At the time, he had stated:

“In my opinion, Bitcoin is in the final stages of the bear market. I expect a price range between an absolute low of $ 1,800 to an absolute high of $ 6,200 (more likely $ 3,000 to $ 5,400) for a considerable period of time. “

The optimism for Bitcoin remains

Other experts see the Bitcoin price rise to new heights this year. These include Ronnie Moas, founder of Standpoint Research. Moas expects a bitcoin price of $ 28,000 at the end of the year. He cited the high volume of trading on the crypto exchanges and the growing interest of large companies in cryptocurrencies as reasons for this. In this regard, he explains that the massive sales are signs of a large bull market coming. The negative outlook sees Moas as a means of powerful people who wanted to prevent others from succeeding.

Sonny Singh, BitPay's operations director, also sees the future as optimistic. In his opinion, Bitcoin will rise to $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 this year. The reason given by Singh is that the big companies will soon be pushing for the crypto markets. Bitcoin will then regain its old strength.

Known for his positive view on Bitcoin is also the billionaire investor Michael Novogratz. He expects a price of $ 20,000 per Bitcoin this year. He cites the reason for this as the new platforms such as Bakkt and Fidelity Digital Assets Services. These would move the big financial institutions to market entry and so drive the price up.

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