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Bitcoin Price at 3939 USD, consulting firm advises investors to buy bitcoin


Cambridge Associates is a US investment advisory firm. The firm advises only large institutional investors, such as foundations, pension funds and government agencies. Together, Cambridge Associates' clients manage assets in excess of $ 300 billion.

Bloomberg now reports that Cambridge Associates has advised its customers to buy cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. At the same time, the company advises institutional investors to “plan a considerable learning period for the sector”. Bloomberg also quoted the company as follows:

“Despite all the difficulties, we believe it is worthwhile for investors to explore this area today with a long-term view. Although these investments involve a high risk, they may well turn the digital world upside down. “

Then it said:

” The dramatic Crypto pitfalls have raised questions about the future of these assets and their underlying blockchain technology. However, looking at the investment landscape reveals an industry that is developing, not one that is stumbling. “

Bitcoin on the upswing

At the time of going to press, the crypto markets saw significant gains , Bitcoin reached a price of over $ 3,900. Ethereum's share price also increased by more than 13 percent to over $ 148 at the time of writing. Ripple XRP followed suit, rising 5 percent to $ 0.328. The upswing also benefited market capitalization. It also grew $ 7.7 billion in the last 24 hours prior to its editorial deadline and stood at $ 133 billion.

Morgan Creek Digital and its New Fund

Recently, Anthony Pompliano, the founder and partner of crypto-investment firm Morgan Creek Digital, announced news on Twitter. It was about a fund newly launched by Morgan Creek Digital. Pompliano proudly announced that they had already received $ 40 million in capital. This comes from two public US pension funds, a university foundation, an insurance company, a hospital system and a private foundation.

Pompliano tweeted in summary:

“Institutions [institutional investors] do not come [first]. They are already there. “

Pompliano was thus referring to the entry of the major institutional investors, which many investors had hoped for. Given that the “crypto winter” is still going on at least until recently, investors hope that the big investors will supply the market with fresh capital. With that the prices should rise and the hoped-for profits should be achieved.

In the tweets and his many good-humored answers Pompliano noticed his satisfaction. He told Bloomberg:

“The” smart money “[particularly well-informed investors] can not be distracted from the daily price, but pay attention to the long-term trends (…).”

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