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Bitcoin price breaks $ 4,000, Bitcoin cash price rises another 40%


At the time of going to press, the crypto community once again felt a touch of old tension. The majority of the cryptocurrencies in the top 100 left the deep red numbers behind. Suddenly there was growth of up to 84 percent within one day. Even more surprising, most coins have broken through their next resistance levels. Achieving such milestones usually takes days or weeks. It turns out that the market is only a little off the beaten path.

Bitcoin has breached the $ 4,000 mark

Already some time before the editorial deadline, the king was able to Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), significantly increase its price and volume. A bitcoin at that time stood at $ 3,800. The gains were 8 percent and it seemed Bitcoin was picking up a further rise. That was then realized and Bitcoin rose to $ 4,070.90. With an 8% increase at the editorial deadline, it may appear that the Bitcoin price will soon reach a new resistance level of $ 4,250.

At the BitMEX crypto exchange, traders now had $ 3 billion in the Bitcoin / US trading pair Dollars invested. More specifically, it was $ 3.66 billion, contributing to the new $ 71 billion market capitalization. Market capitalization before the rise was $ 65.24 billion.

Over 80 percent daily increase in Altcoins

The positive market sentiment has not only hit Bitcoin, but also the other legacy coins. An impressive example is MonaCoin (MONA), which gained 82.76 percent. This is not only eight times more than Bitcoin, but also the largest growth within the top 100 crypto currencies on crypto-comparison. Bitcoin still has a lot of room for improvement.

Even Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which traded around $ 100 the day before yesterday, recovered and stood at $ 151 at press time. Its gain was thus well over 50 percent.

Source: Crypto Compare Top 200, Pixabay

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