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Bitcoin price, Ripple XRP, Tron, Ethereum, EOS rise by up to 15% overnight, Bitcoin usage in Venezuela is breaking records


In this post, you'll find the most important crypto news from the past 12 hours: After a low of $ 3,544 at the weekend's Bitcoin rate, the largest cryptocurrency rose over 4% last night. Altcoins such as Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Tron and EOS increased in some cases up to 15%. Crisis-battered Venezuela is currently recording one record after another in Bitcoin usage. And finally, the new crypto platform Bakkt announced a takeover.

All of the top 10 crypto currencies gained heavily in the session yesterday (except the Stablecoin Tether, of course). Source: Cryptocurrencies Quotes

Bitcoin price at $ 3,714, TRON up nearly 15%

As you can see, last night the 10 largest cryptocurrencies went uphill. However, only TRON has gained in the weekly comparison.

Bitcoin climbs 4.15% to $ 3,714. This reaction was very important for the BTC course, because if it falls back in the direction of $ 3,000-3,300 it can go much deeper. The next hurdle is now at $ 4,000.

At TRON, there is a lot going on right now regarding the purchased BitTorrent platform and the planned token issue for the same, which could benefit TRON holders.

Ethereum is growing at 9.9%, Ripple XRP at 4% increment

Shortly before Ethereum's important Hard Fork Constantinople, the price is rising sharply. In general, cryptocurrencies often increase disproportionately when a hard fork is imminent. Yesterday we had detailed reports on Ethereum and Constantinople.

Ripple has regular positive news as usual. Most recently, we reported on an interview with the Ripple CEO, in which he expressed his confidence in the adoption of XRP by the partner banks.

The crypto-platform Bakkt has announced the first acquisition

The company, which is backed by Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, says it will buy “certain assets” from the Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). This is an independent futures trading company that has been in business for nearly a year.

“As part of this transaction, we wanted to acquire certain valuable assets for the development of our platform. We look forward to completing the transaction in February and look forward to welcoming members of the RCG team to Bakkt.

How does this drive our company? First, risk management and treasury operations are enhanced by new systems and expertise. Other aspects of the transaction will contribute to our regulatory, AML / KYC and customer service processes. We're helping investors accept digital assets by giving buyers and sellers more choice and control.

This acquisition underscores the fact that we are not resting because we expect the CFTC to approve regulated trading on our crypto markets. Our mission requires significant investment in technology to create an innovative platform, as well as financial market knowledge to provide the most trusted fintech ecosystem for digital assets. “

Bakkt has recently raised $ 182 million in funding. The launch of the physically hedged futures product is scheduled for the first quarter of this year, subject to regulatory approval.

Bitcoin in Venezuela

The use of Bitcoin is on the rise in Venezuela, as the country continues to struggle with hyperinflation of its currency.

New figures in the Coin.Dance Bitcoin trading volume tracker show that the use of Bitcoin on the P2P crypto exchange LocalBitcoins has skyrocketed.

Bitcoin Venezuela
The Bitcoin trading volume in Venezuela, Source: Coin.Dance

The volume reached an all-time high at the end of last month and is growing at a record pace of approximately $ 6,493,370 per week.

Source: Pixabay

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