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Bitcoin Stock Exchange Coinbase says there are now 27 million Bitcoin users in the US, just under 10% of the population

Bitcoin Börse Coinbase sagt es gibt nun 27 Millionen Bitcoin Nutzer in den USA, knapp 10% der Bevölkerung

Coinbase Bitcoin Report
The new study of the Bitcoin stock exchange Coinbase contains interesting information.

The leading US Bitcoin Stock Exchange Coinbase indicates that the number of Bitcoin users in the US is now Has reached millions, equivalent to about 9% of all Americans.

In a new report on 12. Anniversary of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, Coinbase analyzes the worldwide adoption and usage of Bitcoin since its launch and compares the leading cryptocurrency with the advent of the Internet. (**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) years. E-mail was invented (**********************************************************************) until more than 10 millions of people were adopted. The TV has been invented he only owned 2% of American families one. “


(*****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) ******************************************************************************************* Million users in the US alone a year 1927 about what 9% of Americans equates to. “

(********************************************************************************************************************) Remarkable clip from 21 years ago. Bill Gates answering David Letterman's questions about what the internet can offer.


– Rhythm (@Rhythmtrader) November 2, 2019

(*****************************************************************) Number of Bitcoin Wallets at (***************************************************************************************). 000 in the USA The report also highlights the number of unique Bitcoin addresses on the network This is now over (**************************************************************************************************************************************************), as well as the number of computers that provide the network with computing power.

The report also looks at the future of Bitcoin and calls the growth of the Lightning Network (LN) a second-level solution. This is intended to increase the speed of Bitcoin transactions.

– Display – (********************************************************************)

“Bitcoin is the world's first global currency that harnesses the power of computers – and the innate need for innovation of humanity – to bring worldwide economic freedom. We look forward to hearing about what , will achieve a higher return in ten years than ETFs, index funds and equities of their own company. This resulted in a national survey of 4 (*******************************************************************************************) Persons Coinbase performed in collaboration with Qriously. (**********************************************************************) Bitcoin has outperformed the world's most popular stock indexes. Including the technology stocks and the S & P (****************************************************************************************). Although the Bitcoin price is constantly fluctuating, it tends to go up and to the right long term after many bull runs. This year, Bitcoin has also outperformed the global stock market indices and returned (*********************************************************************************************)% achieved. Nasdaq (*********************************************************************************************************) (******************************************************************************************************)%, the S & P (*************************************************************************) FTSE Europe (************************************************************************************************)% and the FTSE ASEAN (*********************************************************************************************) 3% return.

000 (********************************************************************************************************************************************************)

to 27 years, according to a survey, are more likely to hold cryptocurrencies than precious metals in their financial portfolio. One in four investors with an MBA or Ph.D. holds cryptocurrencies in their financial portfolio.

, Oktober (*****************************************************************************************************************************) would have bought USD and would do so every month for the next four years, your total investment of (*********************************************************************************************************************) USD worth. This is a gain of (Was standing: 10 October 12). Averaging dollar costs or buying Bitcoin on a regular basis is a popular way of engaging with this new asset class over the long term. (*********************************************************************************************) 77 % of higher-income investors who have cryptocurrencies in their portfolio own Bitcoin a strong volume. The economies of Argentina and Venezuela suffer from inflation, corruption and capital controls. Hong Kong, which consistently tops the index of economic freedom, is currently experiencing political dysfunctions and mass protests. Bitcoin volumes in Hong Kong have also reached record highs lately

Bitcoin was originally called “electronic cash”. developed. It should be used instead of traditional cash or credit for everyday transactions. However, this has not been the main driver of growth so far, except for some volatile regions. However, millions of people are already on the Bitcoin network, thousands of businesses are accepting bitcoin payments and new technologies are making Bitcoin's everyday use even faster and cheaper. (***************************************************************) You can find the full report here

Text: Dailyhodl, Image: Pixabay

Author: Peter Joost – Source Post: http://gestyy.com/w5AUtS

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