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Bitcoin Wal moves Bitcoin (BTC) to Crypto Exchange for $ 19.7 million plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum, Stellar and Cardano Updat


Bitcoin Wal
Nearly $ 20 million has been moved to Bitcoin Wal on the crypto exchange

Let's take a look today at big Bitcoin transactions, the potential of Ripple XRP and many other interesting crypto topics.


Large investors, so-called “cryptowals”, have moved significant amounts of bitcoin in recent days. The movements give rise to speculation. In addition, they provide some insights into the strategy of these large investors.

Whales moved Bitcoin (BTC) worth $ 62.4 million in the last 24 hours before the deadline. The transfers were mostly made by crypto exchanges on unknown wallets. The largest single transaction is carried out by a single whale. So he moved Bitcoin worth over 19.7 million USD to the crypto exchange Huobi. This may indicate that Bitcoin should be sold in whole or in part.

The cryptanalyst Josh Rager has also commented on the general situation of Bitcoin. On Twitter, he said that Bitcoin is still in the accumulation stage. According to his (technical) analysis, Bitcoin had to breach the $ 8,200 mark before the price could jump in the short term, Rage tweeted.

$ BTC Update

Support that flipped to resistance, flipped back to support

Still in a channel and need to break above $ 8200 – closing there would likely lead up to $ 8700 +

$ 7900 to $ 8000 has been the most accumulated price range since May 13th pic.twitter.com/bTaycMbNXP

– Josh Rager 📈 (@Josh_Rager) June 11, 2019

So he wrote:

“[Bitcoin is] still in one channel and has to break $ 8,200 – that would probably lead to [a rate] of $ 8,700 or more.”

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The blog “Week in Ethereum” has posted a new entry. This is about the current efforts to scale the Ethereum Blockchain. In addition, the entry also addresses a number of updates for Ethereum-based platforms. These include Cyber ​​Network, Quorum and Augur.

Ripple Labs and Ripple XRP

Ripple Labs has published an interview with Vice President of Ripple Labs Marketing, Kevin Mole, as part of The Ripple Drop series. In the interview, Mole explains how Ripple XRP can provide on-demand liquidity for cross-border payments.

Learn how XRP is key to on-demand cross-border liquidity with VP of Product Marketing Kevin Mole on the latest episode of the #RippleDrop. https://t.co/k7AhGaB80r pic.twitter.com/Sas9jlxIx5

– Ripple (@Ripple) June 11, 2019


Crypto start-up Wirex plans to release a new utility token on June 26th. The Wirex Token should be based on the Stellar Blockchain and be available on the crypto exchange OKEx. Users of customer and credit cards can save fees by using the token.

To do this, Wirex writes:

“The Wirex Token (WXT) is our next step in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. As a Stellar-based utility token, we've created WTX for a token economy. “


Cardano's co-creator, Charles Hoskinson, is featured in the current issue of The Cardano Effect podcast. There he talks about Cardano's updated roadmap, the progress of the platform and the cryptocurrency value proposition.


VeChain's team has announced an “acceleration program” on Medium. The program is designed to help developers and businesses build on the VeChain platform.

In the entry VeChain explains:

“We want all parties in the VeChain environment to mature into independent players. There is therefore a great need for initial support. After the reward program, the acceleration program aims to provide the necessary support as the projects successfully evolve on the VeChainThor Blockchain. “

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Source: Pixabay, Text: Dailyhodl.com

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