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Bitcoins temporarily reach 600,000 in Japanese yen! 24 hour transaction volume is the largest in this yea

Bitcoin, which showed a price increase on April 2, is still holding a strong market.

The Japanese yen temporarily reached 600,000 yen on the morning of April 4 today, and showed a very strong trend of price increase. Similarly, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, etc. also continued strong price increases as ever.

Each currency, including Bitcoin, has now settled at a fixed price once.

59,000 in the bitFlyer chart

If you look at the site of CoinGecko which provides various data of cryptocurrency, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market yesterday is a recovery of 20 trillion yen since November 17, 2018.

In addition, the 24-hour volume is even higher than what was said to be the year-end bubble of 2018 at the end of 2017, and it can be seen that bitcoins and other altocoins have been traded in large numbers.

The price rise of Bitcoin this time, I do not know exactly what was the factor, but it is thought that various factors are intertwined. For example, there are still increasing numbers of Bitcoin unapproved transactions. The number of unapproved transactions, which were about 30,000 two days ago, has now increased to about 60000 .

(Baidu is like China’s Google) pic.twitter.com/AWtVw9aOzw Due to the recent price surge, #bitcoin tops today’s Baidu hottest emerging keywords.

— CnLedger (@cnLedger) April 4, 2019

In addition, it can be imagined that the price increase of BTC is taken up also in TOP of China’s largest search engine site Baidu, and it is certain that the attention of Bitcoin is gaining again worldwide.

It is not clear how long this market will last, but future trends in the cryptocurrency market will be focused globally

Article Source: CoinGecko, Blockchain Info

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