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Bitfinex CTO announces plans to launch five new products next month at “Ethfinex Governance Summit”

The other day (September 29 – October 1), a conference called “Ethfinex Governance Summit” was held in London, England.

Paulo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, talked about Bitfinex ‘s success and her own insight focused on developers. Introduction was also given onETHfinex ” and ” EOSfinex (beta version )” which the company released recently.

At the beginning of the speech Mr. Ardoino said that the causes of companies failing several similarly products are in disputes between internal or external regions. Bitfinex seems to believe that it is one of the reasons for success that such bias is nothing at all and putting it in an environment where developers do not discuss will happen.

Regarding the team of Bitfinex, it is composed of a very small number of members compared to other exchanges, and said that this member is doing all together in creating a trading platform . Even when the 2016 hacking incident occurred, the team seems to be working together to unite and unite and solve the problem as well as reappearing as a better exchange.

The other day, the official version of ETHfinex and the beta version of EOSfinex have just been released, but he announced that it plans to release 5 to 6 new products next month for future products .

In ETHfinex and EOSfinex , it was possible to manage their own assets by themselves while securing adequate liquidity by using a centralized order book, but in the products scheduled for release in the future , It is assumed that the application that can be easily developed by users with different applications on the platform is included.


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