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Bitfinex Launches IEO Platform “Tokinex” The first token sale will be held in Jun

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BitfinexがIEOプラットフォーム「Tokinex」をローンチ トークンセール第一弾は6月に開催

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The exchange that has become a hot topic in a scandal involving Tether, Bitfinex, has launched the launch of its own initial exchange offering (IEO) platform ” Tokinex “.

The first project on the platform will be announced on May 23, and a token sale will be held on June 13 .

Tokinex works to protect personal information by using KYC service called Blockpass, and differentiates itself from other IEO companies by a system that charges a fee only if the token sale is successful for the project .

Bitfinex announced last week that it has completed a private sale of its exchange token ” LEO “. Although there is no clear statement, it is likely that LEO will be the payment currency for Tokenix.

This year’s IEO business has shown a great deal of popularity, and major exchanges such as Huobi (Huobi Prime) and OKEx (OK Jumpstart) have all entered, with Binance (Binance Launchpad) as the starter .

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