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Bitmex gets shares in Bit Ocean on the domestic stock exchange Movement into Japan becomes full scal

On December 17, the Madison group, a listed company in Hong Kong, said it would acquire shares in Bit Ocean, which is acquiring licenses for cryptocurrency exchange business in Japan, and suggests that BitMEX, one of the world’s largest exchanges, will enter the Japanese market We announced timely disclosure to be done.

About 1 month ago on November 20, Madison Lab Limited, a subsidiary of the Madison Group, disclosed the plan to acquire 67.2% of the shares of Bit Ocean Co., Ltd.

“Madison Lab Limited” was scheduled to acquire a bit point stock at the beginning of the year, but this was canceled and BitMEX’s intervention is a reason behind the acquisition of Bit Ocean’s shares this time.

On December 11, a potential contract was announced to sell 51% of the 67.2% of the shares acquired by Madison Lab Limited acquired by Madison Lab Limited to BitMEX’s parent company, “HDR Catenza Management Limited”.

Regarding this latent contract, it is thought that BitMEX aimed to acquire licenses of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange business in that it decided to acquire the shares of Bit Ocean after discontinuing acquisition of Bit Point’s shares.

In the future, under the name of Bit Ocean, it is expected that derivative transactions, etc., which BitMEX currently provides for users, will be offered for domestic residents in Japan.

Article Source: Collaboration between Bitmex and Mizumori, the biggest cryptocurrency listing trading place came?


As we often hear rumors about domestic leverage transactions and difference settlement transactions such as server delay and slipping at the time of commitment, the circumstances around here may be overwhelmed!

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