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BitMEX's “Bitcoin Zero Coupon Bond” Will Appear in Several Weeks

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BitMEXの「ビットコインゼロクーポン債」 数週間以内にも登場か

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I have studied a wide range of technologies and applications of distributed ledger technology.

It turned out that BitMEX , which handles derivatives of cryptographic assets, is planning to release Bitcoin zero coupon bonds within a few weeks .

Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, said in an interview with Bloomberg in the US that “(BitMEX) is actively working on fixed income products development” and announced zero coupon bonds based on Bitcoin within a few weeks I said that.

The target stocks are said to be selected by several companies with high stability in the blockchain industry.

A zero coupon bond is a type of bond that is sold at a greatly discounted value from the face instead of a coupon (interest), and is known as a “fixed income” product that can receive a fixed amount. You

Because the difference between the purchase amount and par value is essentially “interest earned on the yield at the time of purchase,” there is an advantage that compound interest management can be performed more easily than general interest-bearing bonds.

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