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BlackRock CEO “We do not plan to issue Bitcoin ETFs”

BlackRock CEO "We do not plan to issue bit coin ETFs"

Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock, the world’s largest asset management company, revealed at the Dealbook conference hosted by the New York Times that there is no plan to publish a Bitcoin ETF (listed investment trust) .

Larry Fink replied, ” I will not do it forever, it will do if the cryptocurrency becomes legal, ” and the issuance of the Bitcoin ETF is “highly independent with no bank or government intervention” It is a big obstacle to point out.

In addition, the cryptocurrency is highly anonymous, and it is also due to promoting dealing of illegal products such as guns and drugs in the dark web market.

Ultimately it is necessary to receive government support. However, unless you know where tax evasion or other problems are, I do not think the government will allow it.

On the other hand, I showed a positive attitude on the block chain of basic technology.

We strongly believe in block chain technology. Block chains will have the greatest use in terms of hardships in documents such as mortgage applications.

Article Source: BlackRock will not offer a cryptocurrency ETF until the industry is ‘legitimate,’ CEO Larry Fink says

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