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Bosch explains its cooperation with IOTA and new sensor devic

Bosch explains its cooperation with IOTA and new sensor devic Bosch explains its cooperation with IOTA and new sensor devic - bosch iota 2 min

Bosch has been involved with IOTA for a long time. This is done via Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH. In a recent blog entry, the GmbH explains the new “Bosch XDK” (Cross Domain Development Kit), as well as its interfaces to IOTA.

The central node is the IOTA Data Marketplace. This is a decentralized data marketplace of the IOTA Foundation. The aim of the marketplace is to allow every market participant to buy certain data. This is to make sure that the data is accessible to all and not just reserved for a few.

But how is this data collected? This is where the Bosch XDK comes into play. At the heart of the kit is a universal, programmable sensor device that can measure a variety of environmental data through a variety of sensors. These include, for example, the humidity, the amount of noise and light and the acceleration. However, the device can not only collect this data, but also upload and sell it in real-time to IOTA's data marketplace. Bosch XDK is designed for every imaginable application in the Internet of Things. The Bosch XDK, according to Bosch in its blog entry, combines “state-of-the-art MEMS sensors, WiFi, BLE, SD and ready-to-use software packages”. The Bosch XDK was developed in such a way that it can be used by people with different previous knowledge. The information material is even free. So you want to give a large number of people the opportunity to develop their own projects for the Internet of Things.

The IOTA marketplace, to which XDK will send the collected data, was first presented as a pilot project in November 2017. Since then, it seems like it has become one of the most important applications of IOTA. The IOTA Foundation sees the data offered there, which should collect more than 75 billion devices, as “fuel of the future”. Interesting in this context should be the remuneration that should be sent to the data producers, ie the providers. This has been the case in previous tests, such as with a weather station in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Bosch seems to share this positive view of the IOTA Foundation and expects 20 billion connected devices by 2020. The company said that they value IOTA's vision of an open and decentralized pool of data that is open to any paying party. The company writes:

“Currently, these data are mostly in the control of a few units and are not available to the masses. For this reason, new use cases or business fields can not be developed by anyone. As data becomes increasingly important, IOTA's Data Marketplace is a counterpart to the status quo. “

Bosch explains its cooperation with IOTA and new sensor devic Bosch explains its cooperation with IOTA and new sensor devic -

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Author: Peter Joost – Source Post: https://www.kryptovergleich.org/bosch-erklaert-seine-kooperation-mit-iota-and-neues-sensorgeraet/

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