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Brave Browser Breaks Over 4 Million Active Users per Month

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Brendan Eich, founder and CEO of Brave browser , announced that the number of monthly active users of Brave browser has surpassed 4 million people . He has revealed that there are 26,000 pursuer accounts and 21,000 certified channels so far.

Redefining the relationship between advertisement and browser with Brave browser

The Brave browser is a project launched to reconstruct the way advertisements and browsers are redeemed, and returns the advertisement fee to users by not passing through the search engine . In the ICO, we got a topic of raising 3.8 billion yen in a few seconds starting.

Eich predicts that the browser will win 5 million users this year and will increase to 12 million by the end of next year . He also touches on starting a referral program to distribute BAT tokens for free in the near future.

Latest @ Brave stats: 4 M users (MAU), 21 K verified channels, 26 K publisher accounts.

We will step on gas w / brave-core + BAT on mobile this fall, get past 5 M easily by EOY,> = 12 M next, adding BAT ad deals to token grants, making good on the promise of @ attentiontoken economics.

– BrendanEich (@ BrendanEich) September 2, 2018

Although the exact figures regarding the number of daily active users of the Brave browser are not disclosed, it can be inferred that Mr. Eich is about 3 to 1, about 1.3 million people .

There is no announcement of accurate figures for the total number of users, but it seems that the number has steadily increased as you see that more than 10 million downloads of Android applications have been made, and has doubled since April this year.

On the other hand, compared with currently mainstream browsers, the number of users of Brave browser is still in the growth stage. Chrome, which boasts the world’s largest users, has about 2 billion people, even Internet explorers replaced with Edge have users with over 100 million users.

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Image Source: Trustnodes

However, the management team is focused on upgrading and developing new functions, and various convenient updates will be delivered in the future.

A function to give a token to Twitter and Reddit posts will be released with Brave browser

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