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British regulators will investigate 18 cryptocurrency companies under suspicion of fraud and illegal conduct

Three points of this article!

  • British regulators investigated 18 cryptocurrency companies under suspected involvement in fraud and illegal acts
  • The survey of 49 out of 67 enterprises has been completed, of which 39 have evolved into litigation
  • The Financial Behavior Monitoring Organization (FCA) refused to disclose the name of the surveyed company

Article Source: CCN

British regulators have revealed that 18 cryptocurrency related companies are investigating suspicion of fraud and illegal conduct .

According to CCN, the UK ‘s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed on December 30 that 18 companies are being investigated on suspicion of involvement in cryptocurrency sales.

In addition, it seems that they are sending warnings and recommendations to companies of about 12 other companies suspected of participating in the scam of cryptocurrency investment.

The FCA is keeping private company name under investigation private in order to avoid adverse effect on business of the company concerned.

FCA announced that investigation into 67 enterprises at the end of November has been announced, 49 companies have already investigated, 39 of them are suing consumers from lawsuit.

In addition, it is reported that more than 340 out of 800 cryptocurrency-related companies founded in the UK last year are bankrupted / annihilated.

In 2018 it turned out that more than 340 companies in UK Block Chain related companies were disbanded | CRYPTO TIMES


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