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BTC (bitcoin) exceeds $ 8000, and is converted to ¥ 900,000 in yen


Crypto Times Editorial Department

Crypto Times Editorial Department

It is the Crypto Times editorial department.

The price of BTC (bitcoin) reached the price of $ 8000 after 6:30 am on May 14, 2019.

Coinbase BTC / USD Chart Reaches $ 8000 to 6:30 Japan Time

The BTC price has reached $ 8000 since July 31, 2018, and is the first price update in 288 days .

Bitcoin prices have been rising gradually from May 1st, showing a price increase of more than $ 1000 per day from 5/10 to 5/11, showing a very upsurge on the market as well .

Today, we’re pleased to update you on the launch of bitcoin futures developed by Bakkt in collaboration with ICE Futures US and ICE Clear US https://t.co/8G3YcFbPl2

— Bakkt (@Bakkt) May 13, 2019

And, with the announcement of Bakkt’s user test announced last night, Bitcoin, which has been around $ 7,400, will jump to $ 8,000 at a stretch.

Bakkt, do you start user testing of bitcoin futures custody and trading business this July? BTC prices soar again to $ 7,800 – CRYPTO TIMES

Also, other than Bakkt’s news, is eBay going to start cryptocurrency payments at Consensus , which is currently being held in NY? Rumors are also flying around.

eBay Ads. “Digital Collectible. It’s happening on eBay.”. I’m starting to settle cryptocurrency. Is there a presentation at Consensus? #CoinDesk Japan pic.twitter.com/hAPQrii8Ya

— Koumi Kubota | CoinDesk Japan Editor-in-Chief (@editorial_think) May 13, 2019

In the current Crypto market, there are definitely a lot of good fandas, and further trends in the market are drawing attention.

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