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Buy Bitcoin? Can one now at over 100,000 ATMs in the US

Buy Bitcoin? Can one now at over 100,000 ATMs in the US

What is still a dream of the future in Germany is already a reality in the USA. Customers can buy there with their bank cards Bitcoin at normal ATMs. This is possible thanks to a partnership between the US ATM manufacturer Genmega and the US company LibertyX.

Simply buy Bitcoin at the vending machine

All Genmega ATMs are now in the Basically Bitcoin ATMs. This is clear from a press release published on the Finextra website. The partnership will allow Genmega to offer LibertyX as an additional feature to its ATMs. This makes it possible to buy Bitcoin on all Genmega machines via the usual customer card.

Such a widespread distribution is also something new in the USA. According to the Coin ATM Radar website, there were 2,300 Bitcoin machines in the United States. Genmega is now adding over 100,000 other machines.

Chris Yim is the co-founder and CEO of LibertyX. Commenting on the partnership with Genmega:

“We've worked tirelessly over the last five years to make it easier to buy cryptocurrencies. Now, the purchase of cryptocurrencies is also possible through the timeless ATMs, in a simple, convenient and trusting way. “

A fundamental advantage of this new combination is that it supports the purchase of Bitcoin easy. Most people know how to operate an ATM. As a result, those individuals should not have a problem purchasing Bitcoin through the LibertyX user interface on the Genmega vending machine.

Genmega's senior vice president, sales and marketing, Wes Dunn said he believes that use the new cooperation to all. He said:

“ATMs are always looking for new ways to increase the volume and number of transactions. We are delighted to have partnered with LibertyX to launch this new initiative. This will bring more pedestrian customers to dealers' outlets and our operators will generate higher sales. At the same time, they ensure that they are ahead of the market and provide additional benefits to customers. “

Payments grow with

This new development at Genmega shows just how fast Cryptocurrencies can spread in the payment area. Of course, it's all about buying bitcoin, but the move to pay is not far off.

Dubai, for example, has recently partnered with crypto firm Pundi X. Now Emirates residents can now pay their bills, school fees and more through Pundi X's XPOS POS devices. This is done via emCash, the state-supported cryptocurrency of Dubai. Pundi X also plans to offer its XPOS devices in other countries around the world.

Buy Bitcoin? Can one now at over 100,000 ATMs in the US

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