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Cardano (ADA) against Ethereum (ETH) – the fight continues

Cardano (ADA) against Ethereum (ETH) - the fight continues  - cardano ethereum min

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum have continued their scientific slugfest. The argument between the two began last month. The trigger for this was a Reddit post by Buterin calling into question the capabilities of Cardano's Ouroboros protocol.

On August 13, Buterin responded to Hoskinson's response:

“Answering this is simple and at the same time it shows how important it is to have concrete facts about protocols and evidence of their properties.”

Buterin cited certain complicated points related to Ouroboros Theorem 1 Genesis Papers. In addition, he also referred to theorem 9 of Ouroboros Praos.

Hoskinson responded that Buterin was correct in his general assumption. Again, this is a well-known feature of the Nakamoto Consensus.

Buterin in turn asked if this would also make any statement about safety. In response, Hoskinson published an entry in which he compared Ouroboros with the Dolev-Strong consensus. So he wrote:

“Take the Dolev-Strong consensus as an example. Such a protocol can not tolerate any honest subscriber having to suddenly endure network delays beyond the hard-coded boundaries. “

According to Hoskinson, Cardano's Ouroboros protocol designed to tolerate delays. This is unlike the Dolev-Strong consensus protocol. He also claimed that Ouroboros was very similar to the Nakamoto consensus. He stated:

“In contrast, Ouroboros can tolerate long delays if any percentage of nodes experience long delays. The log will continue to work without interruption (albeit slower). We accomplish this by setting a breastfeeding level with respect to an upper bound of network delay. “

Hoskinson further explained how the team achieves this resilience of the Ouroboros protocol. He compared the protocol with the “Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol”. This requires more than a two-thirds majority of honest participants.

Finally, Hoskinson summed up his points. Thus, the Ouroboros and Nakamoto consens can recalibrate their respective estimates of silence / difficulty. So they can speed up their processing speed to the normal level. This would allow the network to recover without disrupting transaction processing in the long term, he wrote.

Twitter user Sebastian commented on this:

“When Ethereum introduces one of its scheduled updates, Cardano will have a big head start.”

User Byron Fronman also tweeted:

“@ VitalikButerin: It can be said that Hoskinson and Ouroboros clearly won this fight. Casper just does not meet the requirements, buddy. Just try it. “

The Twitter user Christian Rendel was more forgiving. He wrote:

“I am pleased that the discussion has developed into a healthy exchange of ideas. After all, you all pursue the same goal. In addition, the success of both projects will benefit the shared vision. “

Cardano (ADA) against Ethereum (ETH) - the fight continues  -

Source: Reddit, Pixabay

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